CJBS Recognition Awards 2020.

Cambridge Judge Business School Recognition Awards 2020

7 April 2020

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The Cambridge Judge Business School Recognition Awards salute The Nature Conservancy, Santander, AstraZeneca, Monish Suri, Fadi Boustany and the Judge Family for …

The Cambridge Judge Business School Recognition Awards salute The Nature Conservancy, Santander, AstraZeneca, Monish Suri, Fadi Boustany and the Judge Family for engaging with and supporting the School.

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The second awards, announced today, awarded six organisations and individuals for actively engaging with and supporting the Business School.

The Nature Conservancy, Santander, AstraZeneca, Monish Suri, Fadi Boustany and the Judge Family have received these awards in Cambridge Judge Business School’s appreciation that they have gone above and beyond to contribute to the School’s excellence through learning and research collaboration, financial support, career development, and other initiatives.

Christoph Loch
Professor Christoph Loch

“The Cambridge Judge Business School Recognition Awards are our way of showing our deep appreciation for all that our corporate, institutional, individual partners and alumni do for the School, and is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate these important relationships. The involvement and collaboration of this community in the Business School is central to our understanding of the global challenges affecting society and fundamental to our continued growth and success,” says Professor Christoph Loch, Dean of Cambridge Judge Business School.

The six Recognition Award winners and their categories are:

Monish Suri – Student Champion Award

The Student Champion Award recognises a company or organisation that actively and consistently supports our students, particularly through global consulting projects, as well as participating in guest speaking, mentoring and recruitment of our students.

Monish Suri, Honorary Fellow and alumnus (MBA 1998), is honoured for his outstanding support of Cambridge Judge students over the past 12 years.

His company, Prime Ventures, has hosted more global consulting projects than any other company in the history of the School. Monish also provides mentorship for students who are keen to enter or advance their careers in private equity and he has taught several courses at the Business School on private equity for the MBA and Master in Finance programmes.

The Nature Conservancy – Executive Education Elevate Award

This award recognises the company or organisation that has engaged most closely and fruitfully with an Executive Education programme through a two-way learning journey that has enhanced research, teaching and professional development.

The Nature Conservancy is recognised for the collaborative work undertaken with Executive Education over the past 18 months.

The work has focused on strengthening connections, building confidence and high performing teams within the global Nature Conservancy leadership programme.

The one Conservancy programme has made an impact on nearly 400 leaders across The Nature Conservancy so far, and we look forward to a continued collaboration with a wider cross-section of TNC leaders.

Santander – Trailblazer Award

The Trailblazer Award recognises a collaborator that exemplifies the School’s commitment to innovation, thought leadership and real-world impact, and that shares the School’s excitement about the “business of transformation”.

Santander is recognised for its commitment to education, employability and entrepreneurship, and their philanthropic support which is enabling small-scale internships based at UK small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with support from the Entrepreneurship Centre.

They also contribute to the Cambridge Judge Business School Accelerate Cambridge programme, which helps startups grow through mentoring, coaching and seed funding, and supports the SME growth programme which helps larger, more established ventures grow.

AstraZeneca – 360 Award

This award recognises the company or organisation that has the deepest and broadest engagement with programmes, centres and research areas within the Business School.

AstraZeneca is recognised for its substantial support within the School, including sponsorship and mentor for a series of business startup weekends (the Venture Creation Weekends) as well as providing mentors for the Accelerate Cambridge programme. AstraZeneca also engages with the Cambridge MBA programme and has hosted MBA students to work on targeted global consulting projects which provide real-world experience, as well as supporting employees to participate in the Advanced Leadership Programme through Executive Education.

AstraZeneca also enabled a CJBS faculty member to undertake a sabbatical project, contributing to valuable cutting-edge research and understanding, and one of AstraZeneca’s senior leaders, Sir Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President, serves on the CJBS Advisory Board.

Fadi Boustany – Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Outstanding Alumnus Award recognises a member of the alumni community who has gone above and beyond in support of the School.

Fadi Boustany, an intrepid alumnus from the first-ever Cambridge MBA cohort in 1991, is recognised for his support which has been hugely meaningful, both to the lives of the Boustany Scholars and for the School as a whole.

Fadi set a leadership example for the wider alumni community by providing a significant philanthropic contribution to help the School with our building expansion project, the Simon Sainsbury Centre, and he and the Boustany Foundation have provided MBA scholarships that have enabled students from a wide range of backgrounds to study at Cambridge Judge since 1997.

The Judge Family – Deep Roots Award

This award is to celebrate and thank a person or organisation who has contributed enormously to the long-term growth and success of the School, enabling Cambridge Judge Business School to establish a strong foundation, and whose impact will be felt for years to come. 

This award is made in recognition of Sir Paul and Lady Anne Judge’s transformative contribution in 1990, which along with a generous donation from Simon Sainsbury, enabled the School to come to fruition, and to refurbish the iconic Old Addenbrooke’s building, providing Cambridge with the beginnings of a world-class business school in the heart of the historical University of Cambridge.

The contribution from Sir Paul and Lady Anne was an integral part of the School’s transformation from start-up to success story and has since enabled over 10,000 students to secure a first-class business education at the University of Cambridge.

Donnell Ocker Roy
Donnell Roy

“We are excited to award, for the second year, the Cambridge Judge Business School Recognition Awards in honour of the valuable work being carried out across the School in collaboration with our external partners. This year we have increased the number of awards to six, introducing an Outstanding Alumnus Award, in gratitude of the tremendous support we receive from our global alumni community. These awards celebrate and demonstrate how vitally important these relationships are to the School in helping us develop the next generation of leaders and ensuring that our teaching and theoretical research is rooted in real-world practice,” says Donnell Ocker Roy, Director of Alumni & External Engagement at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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7 April 2020.