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Standing out

7 July 2021

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Four Cambridge MBA students are recognised by Business School publication Poets & Quants.

Four Cambridge MBA students are recognised by business school publication Poets & Quants.

Four Cambridge MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School have been included in the 2021 “Best & Brightest” and “MBAs to Watch” lists of the business school publication Poets & Quants. All four are members of the Cambridge MBA class of 2020, who attended classes in 2020-2021.

Just named by the publication to the “MBAs to Watch” list are Christina Feng from China and Tomas Jauregui from Argentina; earlier, the publication named Aaron D’Souza of the UK and Toni Thorne of Barbados to its “Best & Brightest” list.

Christina Feng.
Christina Feng

Each honouree submitted answers to a questionnaire, and here are some select questions and answers:

Christina Feng

Which academic or extracurricular achievement are you most proud of during business school?”

“I sourced a Global Consulting Project for the MBA team, that is supported by a USAID project and the government of Democratic Republic of Georgia, on a Fintech ecosystem research and advisory project. We have the opportunity to talk to the policy makers and influence the national policy to create an enabling environment and build Georgia’s competitiveness in the global Fintech landscape.”

Toma Jauregui.
Tomas Jauregui

Tomas Jauregui

What surprised you the most about business school?

“What surprised me the most, coming here, has been the impact that a university like Cambridge can have when building a network.

“What I noticed is that when reaching out as a Cambridge MBA Student, people truly appreciate and respect you, and enthusiastically look forward to connecting and having a conversation with you.”

Aaron Dsouza.
Aaron D’Souza

Aaron D’Souza:

What is the biggest myth about your school?

“When I told friends that I was going to Cambridge Judge, some told me that I was joining an institution only for the elite. However, Cambridge Judge is far from that.

“The variety of backgrounds – class, ethnicity etc. – and nationalities leads to a stimulating and diverse environment and I have learnt so much from my colleagues in such a short space of time.”

Toni Thorne

Toni Thorne.
Toni Thorne

Why did you choose this business school?

“Raised by my mother and grandmother who are Barbadian educators, there has always been a great appreciation for the British educational system and the global reputation and embodiment of excellence associated with the University of Cambridge.

“When applying to business schools, the Cambridge MBA was by far the most exciting curriculum. The specialisation components and one-year programme were commendatory, as I aim to pivot my professional career post-MBA.”