MFin Class of 2021.

Latest employment report shows another strong set of results for our MFin graduates

28 April 2023

The article at a glance

From Real Estate to Fintech and Hedge Funds to ESG, the latest employment report highlights the wide range of knowledge and talent of our recent MFin graduates.

From Real Estate to Fintech and Hedge Funds to ESG, the latest employment report highlights the wide range of knowledge and talent of our recent MFin graduates.

The annual Cambridge MFin Employment Report details the outcomes of the graduating class. In the latest report we breakdown the destinations of our 2021/22 MFin class, 3 months after completing the degree programme.

The 2021 class data shows that 97% of job seekers received a job offer within 3 months of graduation, with 96% accepting offers in that time, and an average post-MFin salary uplift of 73%.  

“We are delighted that 96% of our 2021/22 MFin graduates had accepted offers within 3 months of graduation.  We are proud of their achievements in what has been an especially uncertain and turbulent time for the financial markets,” says Sadia Cuthbert, Head of Careers at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

“Although the majority of the MFin graduates (74%) were recruited into the financial markets, there was a big shift towards consulting with almost 18% of the class choosing to move into M&A and strategy consulting.”

Switching job function, industry or country – many have done all three

Our MFin 2021 graduating class – which represents 33 different nationalities – are now working in 11 countries around the globe, with 94% of the class achieving a switch of job function, industry or country, and 44% achieving all 3.  

Forty-two percent chose to return to their pre-MFin country, with the rest switching to a new location. Of those who switched countries, 79% have chosen to start their post-MFin careers in the UK – of whom 68% are non-UK nationals. Twenty percent have chosen roles across Asia and 6% in North America.  

Graduates are employed in a wide range of roles across the finance sector

After finishing their MFin degree, 74% went into roles within the finance sector, with 18% going into consulting and 8% into industry.

Investment Banking, Venture Capital/Private Equity and Asset Management continue to be the most popular finance destinations. The data also highlights the depth of knowledge and experience within the cohort, with students employed across 13 different sectors of finance, including Real Estate, Hedge Funds, Fintech, Development Banking and ESG Investment.

Top employers this year were Alvarez & Marsal, PwC and Goldman Sachs, with 60 international employers recruiting from our diverse MFin class of 2021. 

83% of those achieving positions in the consulting sector came from a non-consulting background, demonstrating the value of a Cambridge MFin for those looking to pivot into new areas.  

Marwa Hammam, MFin Executive Director, concludes, “We are delighted that our class of 2021 have found such a wide range of fulfilling roles to launch their post MFin careers, despite the very uncertain economic and financial environment.

“Our rigorous experiential MFin, with its very diverse, topical elective options, gives our graduates the tools, skills and confidence they need to manage their careers successfully for life, wherever it may take them. We are proud of all they have achieved, and we are looking forward to seeing how their careers develop.”