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Apply for an Executive MBA without taking the GMAT/Executive Assessment

1 July 2024

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As part of their application, candidates can apply for a GMAT/EA waiver.

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What is the GMAT/EA?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) and the Executive Assessment (EA) are exams that evaluate whether you have the academic skills to succeed on a business school programme. These tests are recognised by schools around the world, and a strong score can demonstrate your preparedness for the academic rigour of the Cambridge Executive MBA programme.

Do I need to take the GMAT/EA to apply for the EMBA?

The GMAT or EA is an indicator of your readiness to re-enter a rigorous academic environment. You will need to either take the GMAT or EA and submit your score with your application or apply for a GMAT/EA waiver as part of your application. If you are unsure whether you would qualify for a waiver, please contact our Admissions Team.

How will I know if my waiver is accepted?

A GMAT/EA waiver request will be assessed by the Executive MBA Admissions Committee and at least one faculty member. You may be asked to complete the GMAT/EA as a condition to being interviewed for the programme or as an offer condition after interview.

If I wanted to take the GMAT/EA exam, what score would you accept?

We look for balanced scores between the verbal, quantitative, and integrated reasoning sections of the test. As a guide, we would expect scores of 50th percentile in each subsection (GMAT or EA) to strengthen a case that does not meet the minimum requirement (Bachelor’s (Hons) degree with grade of 2:1 in the UK system or international equivalent). For the Executive Assessment, 50th percentile scores will usually be around 10 in each section and an overall score or roughly 153.


We will consider results from either the GMAT or the EA. However, the EA is specifically designed for EMBA programmes and the format/study time is often more suitable for senior executives.

What to do next


Confirm whether you meet our minimum academic requirements

Use our Graduate Admissions International Qualifications tool to find out whether you meet the minimum academic requirements for the programme. If you do not meet our minimum requirements and would still like to apply for the programme, please consult with a member of our Admissions Team.


Submit your CV for review

Upload your CV and our Admissions Team will complete a profile review. You can follow-up on this review to discuss your eligibility for the waiver.


Write your GMAT/EA waiver

The EMBA application form has a text box in which you can write a short paragraph explaining why you would be eligible for a waiver.

Final points

To be considered, you should complete the application form, provide evidence that you meet our academic requirement and complete the waiver. The Admissions Committee, which includes at least one EMBA faculty member, will review your full application and waiver.

The ultimate decision on applications to the programme is made by the Admissions Committee, and decisions are based on your responses to the application questions, strength of your academic background and your work experience.

The group starts their trek in Hong Kong.

Treks are student-led trips to destinations in the UK and overseas to learn more about local businesses. They are an optional part of the Executive MBA programme at Cambridge Judge and take place in students’ own time. From 20-26 April 2024, 23 participants from the 2022 cohort of the Executive MBA programme embarked on a week-long China Trek through the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macao area of China, also known as the Greater Bay Area.

The Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

Eben Upton, an Executive MBA graduate (EMBA 2009), says initial public offering of the mini-computer firm will allow faster product development and greater global impact.

Vincent Leung (EMBA candidate 2023) test drives a snowmobile at the British Antarctic Survey.

From 4-6 June 2024, the Executive MBA (EMBA) piloted Cambridge Ecosystem, an optional 3-day thematic course designed to showcase Cambridge businesses. In 2024, the theme was environmental, social and governance (ESG).