Chairman, Taiwan Sinyi Group

Professional history

Mr Chou is Chairman and Founder of Taiwan Sinyi Group. He is a highly respected entrepreneur by the industry in Greater China market not only for his innovation and visionary management, but also for his belief in business ethics as the core value of the Sinyi Group. He continues to expand his business success as well as corporate influence with both ethic education and corporate social responsibility. Mr Chou received much recognition, including recently the 2014 National Outstanding Achievement Award in Taiwan.

Society & charity work

Devoted himself to promoting business ethics education and establishing Chinese business philosophy by setting up the Sinyi Professorship of Chinese Management with the University of Cambridge in 1996, the Family Community Project Research Center with Tsinghua University in Beijing in 2011, and the Sinyi School with National Chengchi University in Taiwan in 2012.

Chun Chi Chou