The China Report 2018

At the 2018 Sanya International Financial and Economic Forum, Cambridge Judge Business School China Advisory Council (CAC) and Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC) co-launched the first issue of an annual China Report.

This first issue of the China Report marks the fourth year anniversary of the China Advisory Council, a gift to the 40th anniversary of China’s Great Economic Reform. China has grown to be the second largest economy in the world, lifting more than 400 million people out of the poverty. It is now poised to realise what we call the ‘China Dream’.

China began to be part of the global economy only a relatively short time ago. Neither China nor the rest of the world could offer a comprehensive and objective analysis of the tremendous progress that China has made during this time. Globalisation has also increased the complexity. In 2018, we have witnessed the evolution of the Sino-US relationship, specifically on trade and how it causes volatilities in the global market. It is therefore crucial to offer joint perspectives when discussing issues relating to China.

In this first issue, we start with a special piece to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Chinese reform (1978-2018) written by one of the founding fathers of the China’s securities market, then followed by five topical areas:

  • Economy, science and humanity
  • Technology and innovation
  • Manufacturing and industrial policy
  • Wealth and investment
  • Organisations and ethics.

Contributors use their own words, without interpretation, providing their unique perspectives and up-to-date observations on what they think matters most.

This first issue is an ambitious start. A future edition will feature a series of key individuals involved in China’s Great Economic Reform discussing their experiences. To fulfil our ambition the Advisory Council welcomes comments and external contributions for future editions.

In the New Year, we will provide a report translated into both languages.