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Special interest groups and societies

Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.


CABN, the Cambridge Africa Business Network, is a Cambridge alumni and student-led initiative that aims to engage with a broader community with interest in Africa. Its mission is to stimulate a dialogue about business in Africa on relevant topics, such as agriculture, entrepreneurship, finance, governance, energy, infrastructure, and social development, incorporating both practitioner and academic perspectives, and with a practical view to increase private sector-led development and economic growth on the continent.

CABN's flagship event is the annual Business in Africa Conference. The 2017 and 6th Anniversary edition will be held on Saturday 8 June 2017. Please make note of this date; we invite you to participate as delegate, speaker or partner.

Visit the CABN website for more information


Sunga Lungu


Aiducation International is an organisation that awards scholarships to bright and motivated students in Kenya and the Philippines. Each year, the Cambridge chapter, led by MBA and MFin students, organises fundraising events that cover the cost of several scholarships.


Dixie Lang

Further infotmation

Visit the Aiducation International website

Read a blog post by one of the Cambridge chapter's former directors


See 'Culture'.


The Cambridge Asia Business Association (CABA), is dedicated to promoting networks and development of business leaders in Asia. Building bridges between Cambridge and Asia, they seek to be the nexus binding the thought leadership of a world class university with the dynamism of a vibrant and diverse new economic centre.

They strive to establish:

  • An environment of learning and leadership development.
  • A life-long alumni network.
  • Mutual understanding and a cordial relationship.


Atsushi Horiuchi


See 'Pharma'.


The Chemical SIG (special interest group) is a small group of students with an expertise in the Chemical industry, seeking to deepen and broaden their knowledge and experience.


Michael Tang


The Cambridge China Business Society (CCBS), is an ecosystem of students, scholars, professionals and China observers in Cambridge seeking to build a better understanding of China and her dynamic relationship with the world. China is transitioning into an era of economic development led by innovation and a new spirit of entrepreneurship. This transition provides tremendous opportunities for collaboration and mutual learning between the University of Cambridge and China.

CCBS maintains a strong network of contacts in both the private and public sectors in China and the United Kingdom. CCBS promotes deeper engagement between the two sides by offering the latest thinking on China, Sino-UK and Sino-European ties through conferences, panels and guest speakers in the fields of business, economics and politics. CCBS also facilitates the recruitment of Cambridge students seeking employment opportunities in China and supports overseas Chinese companies in gaining a better understanding of the international market.

As China's economy continues to evolve, the society aims to make the University of Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School a crucial knowledge participant in China's development path forward.


Jamie Lu


The Consulting SIG (special interest group) gathers MBA and Master of Finance students from the University of Cambridge with experience in Consulting, and/or a passion for a Consulting career. The members of the SIG polish their consulting skills through case practice and workshops, pro bono consulting projects, and participation in competitions. The SIG  has developed a rich network of students, alumni working in consulting, and corporate partners through company visits, panel discussions and speaker events.


Travis Hoskins


The Consumer, Retail and Luxury SIG (special interest group) is a large and very active group of MBA students that specialise in these industries. They have obtained early successes in attracting prestigious names to the School, and look forward to hearing from you.


Maria Cristina Alvarez



The Culture, Arts and Media SIG (special interest group) is promoting its members' interest in the sector for furthering knowledge and networking.


Nat Rosa


The aim of the Digital Transformation SIG (special interest group) is to learn about, invite industry speakers from, and network for opportunities in digital transformation at traditional companies and MNCs in media, banking, luxury, advertising, automobiles, legal.


Hitomi Furukawa-Hamaba


The purpose of the Clean Energy SIG (special interest group) is to share knowledge about the current state of different aspects of global renewable energy, the clean technology industry, and climate change. They aim to brainstorm about solutions to current energy and climate issues and connect with academics and professional industry experts so that they can add value in any way possible.


Sheela Sanei


The Entrepreneurship SIG (special interest group) fosters links with the Cambridge start-up cluster to develop members’ understanding of entrepreneurship and shape their own entrepreneurial endeavours. The SIG aims to achieve this by running events and panels with practitioners and academics, and getting involved in events and networks such as the Cambridge Network. Many of the SIG's members go on to found their own ventures.


Chris Gadermaier


The Finance SIG (special interest group) is designed to bring together those interested in finance so that they can learn from each other and help each other in their career progression. The group is dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge, helping with interview preparation, and organising networking sessions and trips. Their interests encompass investment banking, asset management, long-term investing including insurance and pension funds, research and fintech.


Igor Belozerov

The Value Investing SIG (special interest group) provides a platform to encourage the generation discussion and sharing of value-oriented investment ideas.


Xiao Michael Chi

The Investment Club's objective is to seek buyside (particularly traditional asset management and hedgefund) opportunities, network with market practitioners and share and learn with a virtual or real portfolio (of exchange traded instruments such as stocks).


Sunga Lungu

The Venture Capital & Private Equity SIG (special interest group) has been established to further members' knowledge of private market investment activity as well as enhance our members' chances of success in the recruitment market. Thier focus, will be on alternative finance market participants, loosely defined as private equity and venture capital, but also inclusive of emerging alternative finance structures, such as Fintech mediums ie. P2P lending. They will seek to do this through the organisation of workshops, company treks, campus events, participating in competitions, attending conferences and the organisation of the inaugural alternative finance competition at Cambridge Judge Business School. Their coverage will span the full investment lifecycle of a private market transaction, from investment strategy, deal origination and completion through to operational improvement, investment enhancement and exit strategy.


James Talty


See 'Pharma'.


The Investment Club's objective is to seek buyside (particularly traditional asset management and hedgefund) opportunities, network with market practitioners and share and learn with a virtual or real portfolio (of exchange traded instruments such as stocks).


Sunga Lungu

Impact finance

See 'Social Innovation'.


See 'Consumer'.


See 'Consumer'.


See 'Culture'.


The Medtech SIG (special interest group) aims to connect MBAs with Cambridge researchers and generally raise the class's level of knowledge of emerging technology fields such as bioinformatics, which they believe will drive the next wave of growth companies.


Nirsh Ramsay

Middle East

The Cambridge Middle East Business Network (CMEBN) works to facilitate discussion between students, academics, officials and business professionals to better understand business challenges and opportunities across the middle east with the ultimate aim of increasing economic activity in the region.


Arman Moussavi


See 'Healthcare'.

Private equity

See 'Finance'.


See 'Consumer'.

Social Innovation

The Social Innovation SIG (special interest group) aims at raising awareness, strengthening and expanding the social innovation community, practices and impact at Cambridge Judge Business School and beyond, in line with the notion that social innovation should become integral to the fabric of all businesses: private, public and social. The SIG is currently composed of four pillars (awareness, consulting, entrepreneurship and impact investing) working in synergy to create and participate in events such as pro-bono consulting projects, career treks, conferences, competitions and workshops.


Diane Albouy


The Technology SIG (special interest group) is interested in understanding how large technology companies evolve and hire.


Matt Rosseau


TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. At TED, the world's leading thinkers and doers are asked to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Philippe Starck, Isabel Allende. Talks are then made available, free, at

TEDx Oxbridge is the unique annual TED event hosted alternately in Cambridge and Oxford universities. This year's event will be in Oxford in May. We invite global influential thought-leaders to share their ideas, companies and organizations to partner with us, and everyone to come attend the event.

We work alongside our contemporaries at the University of Oxford Said Business School to organise the annual TedX Oxbridge event. Our aim is to follow in the footsteps of the TED organisation through the promotion of ideas worth spreading. We are working on a suitable theme, speaker series and co-ordinating the delivery for the benefit of our respective business schools, university colleagues and that of the wider community.

A date for your calendar (TBC): the 2017 event will take place in Oxford the weekend of 13/14 May.


David Sammons

Further information

Visit the TEDxOxbridge website


The Women's Leadership SIG (special interest group) froms part of the School's Women's Leadership Initiative, which was launched in 2014 with the mission to create opportunities for both men and women to engage in open and collaborative discussion of tangible actions through which to promote a shared vision of women's leadership in business. The SIG also supports and promote existing gender and equality programmes and projects within and outside of the School. The Initiative's flagship event is an annual conference which the SIG helps to organise.

Please save the date of the next conference: Saturday 10 June 2017. The chosen theme for workshops and talks this year is Balance. We invite you to participate, as a speaker, a sponsor or a delegate.


Aurelia Kassatly

Futher information

Find out about more abouty the Women's Leadership Initiative