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Special interest groups and societies

Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.

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Group Mission Contact(s)
Aiducation Aiducation International is an organisation that awards scholarships to bright and motivated students in Kenya and the Philippines. Each year, the Cambridge chapter, led by MBA and MFin students, organises fundraising events that cover the cost of several scholarships. Shreeya Garg
CABA (Cambridge Asia business Association) CABA is dedicated to promoting the networking and development of business leaders in Asia. Through bridging connections between Cambridge and Asia, we seek to be the nexus binding the thought leadership of a world class university with the dynamism of a vibrant and diverse new economic center. We strive for:
  • An environment of learning and leadership development
  • Life-long alumni network
  • Mutual understanding & cordial relationship"
Sakura Nitta
CABN (Cambridge Africa Business Network) The CABN SIG for the class of 2017/18 is designed to bring together individuals that are interested in bringing about a change in Africa. The SIG will focus on organising the Cambridge Africa Business Conference in 2018, help classmates have a better understanding of the African continent (opportunities for business and charity), plan a trek to an African country and liaise more with the School's faculty. Oladele Olafuyi

Julien Taylor
CCBS (China business society) CCBS maintains a strong network of contacts in both the private and public sectors in China and the UK. We promote deeper engagement between the two sides by offering the latest thinking on China, Sino-UK and Sino-European ties through conferences, panels and guest speakers in the fields of business, economics and politics. CCBS also facilitates the recruitment of Cambridge students seeking employment opportunities in China and supports overseas Chinese companies in gaining a better understanding of the international market. Cindy Ding

Aaron Qi
CMEBN (Middle East business society) We work to facilitate discussion between students, academics, officials and business professionals to better understand business challenges and opportunities across the middle east with the ultimate aim of increasing economic activity in the region. Ash Shouaib
Consulting The mission of the this special interest group is to help its members start or advance a career in management consulting. Although the objective is management consulting in general, the group is concerned with the following types consulting, in all sectors/markets: management consulting, strategy consulting, IT consulting, digital, finance, internal consulting, boutique/sector-specific consulting (e.g. healthcare or biotech), other more technical themes can also be included, but the primary focus is on the above. The SIG also shares the goal of entering and winning case competitions. James Grimaldo
Consumer, Retail and Luxury The mission of the SIG is to educate its members on the trending topics within the consumer retail and luxury industries. We plan to do this by leveraging the expertise of SIG members, Cambridge alumni, and outreach to industry participants throughout the Cambridge MBA programme for a series of speaker events, panels, and site visits. The SIG will also be a way of understanding what roles/positions are most suited for MBA graduates and to facilitate fostering industry relationships. May Zhan
Culture, Arts, Media The SIG purports to connect the School more closely with the CAM sector for knowledge and career advancement, by leveraging different the expertise of members, alumni, faculty, and industry practitioners. We organise speaker and networking events, knowledge sharing sessions, site visits/excursions, practical projects, as well as sourcing internships and post-MBA jobs. Our scope includes visual arts & museums management, music, theatre & performing arts; films, digital entertainment and media, interior & anp, architectural arts, cultural organisations/NGO/NPOs, and investment/financing in art and entertainment. Galuh Alifani

Jeremy Peters
Education The SIG aims to focus on discovering operation models with good sustainability, especially when the UK (and Cambridge) has already had great advantage on its education markets and Edtech development. We want to establish relationship between Cambridge Judge students and business sectors while there has been others between charity organisations. Shiny Cheng

Henry Chen
Energy & Sustainability The purpose of this SIG is to share knowledge about the current state of different aspects of global energy options, the clean technology industry, circular economy and climate change. We aim to brainstorm about solutions to current energy and climate issues and connect with academics and professional industry experts so that we may add value in any way possible. Harikumar Vijayan
Entrepreneurship To create a space within the Cambridge MBA conducive to idea generation, to assist members to formulate and develop their own business ideas and eventually bring it to market. We aim to be the key linking SIG to all other SIGs - promoting massive collaboration and be the gate to the entrepreneurial community in Cambridge (CUE, CUTEC, Silicon Fen). Navin Chandiramani

Anthony Stal

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Finance The Finance SIG is designed to bring together those interested in finance so that they can learn from each other and help each other in their career progression. The group is dedicated to sharing resources and knowledge, helping with interview preparation, and organising networking sessions and trips. Our interests encompass investment banking, asset management, long-term investing including insurance and pension funds, research and fintech. Lee Crossingham

Nalin Mittal
Fintech To bring together Cambridge Judge students who are interested in Fintech (financial technology) companies and further the education of its members about the Fintech sector. This is set to be achieved through speaker events, company visits, coffee session with market practitioners, and Global Consulting Projects. The primary focus of the SIG is on disruptive new companies and technologies which are changing the financial services industry, with secondary focus on technology adoption in established financial firms. Brian Nolan
Healthcare/pharma/biotech The SIG segments across the whole value chain of business development, from discovery science to clinical development, healthcare delivery and global market expansion. We interact with academic researchers, clinician scientists, physicians/surgeons, biotech CEOs, pharma executives, life sciences VCs, and angel investors. We organise treks to large pharma such as Amgen, Genzyme, Takeda, AstraZeneca; biotech start-ups such as Astex Pharmaceuticals, Sentinal Oncology, Novus Biologicals, Celldex; VCs such as ET Capital, Total Medical Ventures, IQ Capital partners, Cambridge Angels. We aim to understand how they operate and bring value to society, and how we can contribute. Shawn Zheng

Yiwei Li
Japan Club The mission of Japan Club is to network, share knowledge, especially on operation management, technology and sustainability, seek careers opportunities and learn about culture and business in Japan. We are planning to organise a Japan Trek in January, 2018, as one of the main events of this SIG. The trek aims to network with alumni working in Japan, learn about different styles and innovation in Japan, and experience Japan's culture. Tadashi Kubo
Operations & improvement The SIG has as its mission the dissemination of information, ideas and experiences regarding operations in different industries and countries by organising talks with current students, alumni, academia and professionals. It will also aim to procure potential GLobal Consulting Projects (GCPs) for interested students. Prashant Dubey

Raul Echegoyen
Private Equity & Venture Capital We pursue knowledge of private market investment activity with a view to entering/continuing careers in the industry. We will focus especially on alternative finance market actors, including emerging alternative finance structures such as fintech mediums ie. P2P lending. We will achieve this through workshops, company treks, campus events, participation in competitions, conference attendance, and the organisation of the inaugural alternative finance competition at Cambridge Judge Business School. We will span the full investment lifecycle of a private market transaction, from investment strategy, deal origination and completion through operational improvement, investment enhancement and exit strategy. Elliott Carter

Maria Potapova
Real Estate The real estate SIG acts as a resource for students to share information pertaining to the Real Estate industry. We aim to do this by connecting with societies at Cambridge University and professionals in the field. The group spans a variety of interests including investment, development, and management. Ginny Weinmann

Anna Nadalutti
Social Innovation The Social Innovation SIG aims to equip and inspire JBS students to make a difference and tackle social and environmental issues by being a platform to engage with experts and practitioners. The SIG will raise awareness and strengthen the social innovation community focusing on three pillars: Awareness / Social Responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing. Luiz de Andrade

Ainsley McPherson
Technology and Digital Transformation The mission of the group is to help its members start or advance a career in technology sector, learn and broaden their tech domain knowledge and create industry readiness. The domain is tech in general (software, consumer goods, healthTech, ecommerce etc.), within which there will be a stream focused separately on digital transformation. Swati Kalra

Galuh Alifani

Shiny Cheng
Women's Leadership This SIG forms part of the School's Wo+Men's Leadership Centre, which was launched in 2014 with the mission to create opportunities for both men and women to engage in open and collaborative discussion of tangible actions through which to promote a shared vision of women's leadership in business. The SIG also supports and promote existing gender and equality programmes and projects within and outside of the School. The Initiative's flagship event is an annual conference which the SIG helps to organise. Vaidehi Bhatia

Katherine Rock

Stephanie Groenke