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Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.

Group Contact(s)
Biotech pharma healthcare (BiPH) Catherine Brown and Vedika Agrawal
Business Design & Innovation SIG (BDI) Brianna Goodlin, Pranjal Begwani and Emi Kenny-Troughton
Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN) Angela Khakali, Jenna Hertz and Aderinsola Alege
Cambridge APAC Business Association (CABA) Steven Lukas Goentoro and Tulika Kaien
Cambridge China Business Society (CCBS) Tiankai (Oscar) Xiong, Yiyu Jiang and Yihao (Stephen) Zhao
Cambridge Japan Business Club (CJBC) Shingo Hiura, Mayuko Yamaguchi and Sam Callon
Cambridge Latin American Business Association (CLABA) Mauricio Ceballos, Sofia Andrade and Carlos Brenner
Communications (C-SIG; formerly ISP) Divya Dewan and Rosin Patel
Consulting Rohan Mangalore, Sehaj Arneja and Muhammad R. Usmani
Culture Arts Media Sports Education (CAMSE) Janie Dickerson, Angela Hsu and Rajat Sharma
Energy Environment (EE) Miguel Valderrama, Stefano Ceci and Jun Hatakeyama
Entrepreneurship Kaitlin Fritz, Anna Mason and Daniil Shcherbakov
ESG (formerly Social Innovation (SI)) David Doyle, Esme Lovell Smith and Joao Bianco Bekenn
Finance Benedikt Börner, Joel Hawle and Weilu (Luvina) Yao
Fintech Khushboo Soni, Salvi Porwal and Anastasia Ouzouni
Gender Equality (formerly Wo+Men’s Leadership) Brianna Goodlin, Divya Dewan and Rachel Buchholtzer
Government and policy (GAP) Ryan Taylor, Kornel Grunwald and Akansha Goyal
Mobility Hideyuki Tanaka, Yihao (Stephen) Zhao and Maimoon Saleem
[email protected] (LGBTQIA+) Raghav Gupta, Ihor Kravets and Anel Abiyeva
Private equity Venture capital (PE/VC) Mridul Chandgothia, Matthew McCrary and Tomoya Ishida
Real Estate Ting Zhang, Dora Mocsinka and Yiwen (Ivan) Zhang
Retail E-commerce Luxury Marketing (RELM) Tammy Wu, Sehaj Arneja and Mary Kate Marino
Tech Maria Nugroho, Shrutika Sainani and Priyan Davda
[email protected] Initiative Daniel Robb and William Maxted