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Special interest groups and societies

Most MBA and MFin student groups join special interest groups and societies to collaborate in expanding their knowledge of their particular sector, organise events, develop a skill, and network with their chosen industry. Businesses are welcome to find out more and get in touch with the contacts listed below.

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Topic Group Mission
Africa Cambridge Africa Business Network (CABN) To develop a hub for people and groups at the University to engage on Africa-related topics; to improve access to Cambridge for African students; to build and and strengthen networks with individuals and groups operating in Africa for business and professional advancement.
Asia Cambridge Asia Business Association (CABA) To build bridges between Cambridge and Asia, an economic hub of limitless opportunities, as part of a truly global business community; to bring Cambridge thought leadership to business leaders in Asia; to bring the cultures and values of Asia to students at Cambridge.
Australia Cambridge Australia & New Zealand Business Association (CANZ) To bring together University of Cambridge students from Australia and New Zealand; to develop links with Australian and New Zealand businesses in the UK.
China Cambridge China Business Society (CCBS) To promote deep engagement between Cambridge and China; to disseminate the latest thinking on China, Sino-UK and Sino-European ties through conferences and events around business, economics and politics; to facilitate career opportunities of Cambridge students in China; to empower Chinese companies with international talent and insights.
Japan Cambridge Japan Club (CJC) To promote among students awareness of Japan's specific culture, industry, and economic environment.
Middle East Cambridge Middle East Business Society (CMEBS) To build and develop relationships with industry bodies and potential employers in the Middle East; to foster relationships with the Middle Eastern community in the broader University.
Latin America Cambridge Latin American Association (CLAA) To promote Latin America's cultures and values by involving students and alumni in networking events; to serve as a stage for professional, cultural and academic opportunities within the region.
Arts Culture, Arts and Media To explore the intersection between the creative sector and business; to facilitate career advancement and optimise cultural opportunities for the CJBS community; to bring industry leaders to Cambridge, and take students to cultural organisations; to source and promote cultural activities for the Cambridge Judge community.
Consulting Consulting To serve as main point of contact and support for all Cambridge Judge Business School students who are interested in careers in management consulting; to signpost reliably resources for interview preparation, industry and firm research; to organise participation in case competitions worldwide; to establish links with counterparts at other universities.
Education Education To explore how education and learning & development are approached in personal, corporate, and government contexts, especially as they relate to strategic resource allocation, opportunities in digital transformations; to arrange expert speaker events; to develop a network of innovators in the field.
Energy Energy and Sustainability To gain knowledge on the global energy industry from traditional fuels to renewables, including its relationship with mining and extractive materials; to research solutions to sustainability issues together with academics and industry experts; to organise industry events, learning & training activities, and professional development in cooperation with industry stakeholders.
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship To empower entrepreneurs at the School through contributions to the local and international entrepreneurial community; to organise a series of events and workshops fostering innovation, collaboration and engagement; to increase the visibility and social impact of entrepreneurship and innovation in our communities.
Finance Finance To bring together those interested in finance to help each other learn and develop their career; to facilitate activities such as speaker events, internships, projects, training & modelling practice.
Fintech Fintech To bring together students who are interested in fintech companies and further their education about the sector, with a focus on disruptive new companies and technologies which are changing the financial services industry, and secondary focus on technology adoption in established financial firms.
Food Food & Agri-tech (FAT) To promote better understanding of the food and agriculture value chain, and the role of technology in transforming these two industries; to create a space where those interested in food and agriculture can meet, exchange ideas, keep up with trends, connect to industry experts, uncover career opportunities; to enable entrepreneurship and leadership development in the sectors.
Healthcare Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech To share knowledge, discuss ideas, learn about trends, and network for opportunities in the healthcare, pharma and biotech space; to cover the whole value chain from healthcare delivery to clinical development, healthcare delivery and global market expansion; to understand how they operate and bring value to the society, and how we can contribute.
Impact Social Innovation To equip and inspire students to make a difference in tackling social, economic and environmental issues; to investigate and share knowledge about impact investing, NGOs, non-profit organisations, public sector, social entrepreneurship, business model innovation, and climate change.
Investment Investment Management To investigate buy-side career opportunities in investment management and hedge funds; to facilitate buy-side knowledge sharing and technical skills development; to emulate the close-knit nature of buy-side firms through focused small group networking events with Industry professionals.
Investment Private Equity and Venture Capital To further students' knowledge of private market investment activity; to enhance their qualifications for the recruitment market; to focus on alternative finance market, loosely defined as private equity and venture capital participants; to investigate emerging alternative finance structures in collaboration with other SIGs.
Investment Infrastructure Finance and Investment To further knowledge in the fundamentals of infrastructure finance; to keep abreast on current issues and research, including green, social and sustainable projects; to develop networks with relevant stakeholders, namely development banks, global infrastructure funds and impact investors.
LGBTQ+ Pride@CJBS (LGBTQ+ club) To establish the first official LGBTQ+ community within the School; to connect LGBTQ+ individuals and allies within CJBS, as well the wider University, other business schools, and companies; to promote the School as a top choice for LGBTQ people planning to study business and management; to advance and promote diversity throughout the School.
Marketing Consumer, Retail and Luxury To educate on trends within the consumer goods, retail, luxury, and marketing sectors and build career readiness; to facilitate conversations and events involving students, academics, alumni, other business schools, and industry leaders; to provide an interactive platform to foster industry relationships.
Public sector Government and Public Policy To provide a non-partisan forum to discuss economic, government and political issues; to invite government officials, economic & political stakeholders, and other influencers to the School; to develop relationships with relevant stakeholders in the UK, EU and elsewhere.
Real estate Real Estate To develop appreciation of different areas of the real estate industry via peer knowledge sharing sessions and conference events; to build a network in the sector; to explore opportunities within real estate and proptech investment organisations; to develop relationships with UK and global real estate societies.
Sports Sports Business To act as a forum for students, academics, officials and professionals to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of running teams, governing and related bodies; to debate trends in key target sports and facilitate interaction between academia, industry and fans; to source student projects in sporting organisations.
Technology Technology and Digital transformation To help students enter or advance a career in the technology sector; to further tech domain knowledge and industry readiness.
Women Wo+men's Leadership To integrate diverse perspectives to foster a supportive and open network at the School; to advocate greater workplace equality; to share experience, develop skills, and engage with stakeholders.
Women Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) To unite all those passionate about the advancement of women in banking & finance; to develop a platform where industry leaders empower female professionals to succeed; to work with organisations to eliminate barriers that hinder women's professional development; to raise awareness about inclusion of women in the sector.