At Cambridge Digital Innovation we believe it is important for research to be relevant to the challenges that exist in our world today.

It is also important that research can be translated into useful action within practice settings.

We support this drive to deliver impact in a number of ways beyond our continued direct collaborations with industry.

CDI impact

RICK journal section

Scholars are increasingly challenged to demonstrate wide impact of academic research through multidisciplinary diffusion of knowledge and implications for practice and for society.

To promote development and publication of scholarly papers dedicated to this mission, Information and Organization has introduced a special section focused on research impact and contributions to knowledge (RICK).

Professor Michael Barrett, Section Editor at Information and Organization, leads the RICK Section which encourages submission for a range of articles including conceptual articles, reviews, translational research articles, digital futures, and articles on global challenges.

RICK workshops

Responding to crisis through digital innovation

Service innovation in the digital age

Engaged Scholarship Lecture series

CDI initiated and runs the Engaged Scholarship Lecture series which aims to encourage researchers to focus on impactful research.

The second lecture in the Engaged Scholarship Lecture Series, with Professor Emeritus Bob Hinings

The first annual lecture on engaged scholarship with Professor Emeritus Andrew H Van de Ven