Towards health futures: digital innovation, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship on bio data

7-8 March 2019, Einstein Center Digital Future, Berlin

About the conference

Together, we seek to understand this destabilising character of the conjunction between “the byte” and “the gene” – digitisation and biology for health futures. We do this through the lenses of digital infrastructure, innovation, and digital entrepreneurship. The two-day workshop will be held at the Einstein Center Digital Future in Berlin (Germany).

Co-Conference Chairs

Sirkka Jarvenpaa (University of Texas at Austin)

Michael Barrett (University of Cambridge)

Hannes Rothe (Freie Universität Berlin)

Three profoundly destabilising ideas ricochet through the 20th century, trisecting it into three unequal parts: the atom, the byte, the gene […] each represents the irreducible unit […] of a larger whole.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, 2018, The Gene: An Intimate History