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Our core focus is on the theoretical and empirical analysis of the behaviour of financial markets, financial institutions, and corporations. We dive deep into the relationship between finance and economic performance, and on the formation of financial policy. From market micro-structure, to banking regulation, to risk management, corporate governance and capital structure, we cover myriad finance issues, shining a light on the most complex areas of this sector. 

We have worked closely with the Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF) from the beginning, and CERF remains the major funding body for research in finance throughout the University of Cambridge. The CCFin is a continuation of the Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy (CFAP) and was renamed in 2014.

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What we do

Providing funding for evidence-based research within the finance sector, particularly when it comes to corporate finance. Our research has a wide remit, from examining behavioural finance to corporate capital structure, investment and payout as well as a host of other key topics and specialised areas. By spreading information and awareness of ongoing research within the area of finance we amplify and contextualise the field of thought, making it more accessible world-wide.  

Our people

Our eminent faculty and research associates explore key finance issues, publishing trail-blazing work in globally recognised publications.

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CERF is intrinsically linked with our centre, providing the admin and financial support that allows us to continue our work. Promoting research into all aspects of the practice and the history of finance, financial institutions, and financial markets, as well as their relationship with economic behaviour and performance, the support CERF gives us allows us to further explore the different areas of finance which need to be constantly examined, critiqued and developed. 

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