The Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise utilises the intellectual resources of Cambridge Judge Business School and the broader University to address the intricacies of healthcare management. Through focused research and education, our mission is to advance both academic knowledge and real-world healthcare management practices with the ultimate aim of enhancing the well-being of diverse populations.

Our team comprises faculty members who specialise in various management domains, including innovation, operations management, organisational behaviour, and strategy. Our efforts are rooted in deep engagements with industry partners who provide invaluable insights and expertise. These professionals not only shape our research agenda but play a pivotal role in applying our academic findings in practical contexts.

About CCHLE.

The health industry faces unparalleled pressures. An aging population and persistent increase in chronic diseases and unhealthy lifestyles lead to unprecedented demands on healthcare delivery organisations around the globe.


Our main areas of focus are:

Healthcare delivery innovation

Co-creating and evaluating novel healthcare delivery vehicles that create step-change improvements to equitable access, costs, and population health outcomes.

Technological innovation

Addressing the productivity and business model challenges of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Welcome message

Throughout history, the profound desire to aid the sick has consistently ranked among humanity’s noblest motivations. It fuels extraordinary individual endeavours, manifesting daily in hospitals and healthcare institutions across the globe. This same motivation drives scientists and entrepreneurs into the healthcare industry, sparking a ceaseless wave of innovation that has led to remarkable advancements.

As a result of this collective dedication, we have achieved a remarkable feat: best-in-class life expectancy has increased by three months each year, steadily progressing year by year for over a century. This impressive social advancement often remains under-appreciated; it resembles a monumental moon shot in its own right.

However, this progress has brought new challenges. Life expectancy, particularly healthy life expectancy, exhibits disparities of up to two decades among different population groups within the same country. Additionally, we are confronted with a looming tsunami of chronic diseases. While the 20th century focused on extending human life, the 21st century’s mission is to extend healthy living across the population.

This presents a formidable management challenge. Our current organisational structures, conceived in the 20th century, are ill-suited to achieve the ambitious goals of the 21st century. Our hospitals are already stretched thin, grappling to achieve their core mission of providing acute and episodic treatment. Primary care practices, while offering localised services, are situated within a fragment landscape which is ill-suited for managing chronic diseases on a large scale.

At the same time, technological innovation in biopharma, diagnostics, med-tech, AI and other fields supply system designers and managers with ever more powerful components that have the potential to improve the health of populations. However, integrating these components well into the existing delivery systems is a real challenge.

To address issues of equity and tackle the challenges posed by chronic diseases, a structural transformation of healthcare delivery is imperative. What we need are innovative approaches and new frameworks that can deliver equitable health outcomes, thereby realising our shared goal of prolonging the health of populations.

This is the challenge that the Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise embraces. Located within Cambridge Judge Business School, at the heart of the University, we are uniquely positioned to cultivate meaningful connections between academics and professionals from diverse disciplines and organizations. We are united by the common purpose of enhancing the health and well-being of populations.

Stefan Scholtes

Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership and Enterprise; Dennis Gillings Professor for Health Management, Cambridge Judge Business School

Feryal Erhun

Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership and Enterprise; Reader in Operations and Technology Management, Cambridge Judge Business School