Research themes

Drawing on business school faculty across management disciplines, from organisational behaviour and operations management to marketing and strategy, and on partners with the specific relevant industry expertise, we focus on 3 key research themes:

Health service delivery

The management challenges of delivering effective and affordable frontline services are the primary concern of this theme.

We have 4 major programmes:

  • Leadership and Institutional Change
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Health Information Systems
  • Operational Effectiveness and Service Innovation

Pharma, biotech and medtech

Biomedical and engineering technology will continue to be critically important to achieve better health for more people.Are our business models and management practices effective in creating and exploiting technological advance? Cambridge, with its leading position in biotechnology and engineering research, is an excellent place to study this question.

Our key areas of interest in this programme are the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical companies, large and small, and the shape of the evolving new business models in this industry.

Healthcare in developing countries

Co-innovation with the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid: how firms and other organisations are actively engaging those who live on less than $1 a day through innovative products, services and business models.

This can be a two-way highway of innovation creation and adoption to address the increasing demands of healthcare needs across the world.


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Research co-authored by Professor Stefan Scholtes of Cambridge Judge Business School highlights benefits of consistent doctor visits – both for patients and for GP workload in the NHS.

Woman taking part in remote clinical trial.

When COVID-19 travel restrictions were introduced, it sparked a trend towards remote participation in clinical assessments of new medicines’ safety and efficacy. A new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School outlines a framework to assess when decentralised drug trials provide the greatest value to the system.

Smiling mature woman looking at pill bottle while using laptop in kitchen.

Increased drug supply security and reduced costs has been achieved by Civica Rx, a health care utility taking a fresh approach, says study in NEJM Catalyst authored by 2 Cambridge Judge Business School academics.