2017 EPRG annual conference (Paris)

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6 Jul 2017

08:00 -22:30

7 Jul 2017

08:00 -14:00

By invitation only

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EPRG and CEEPR European Energy Policy Conference

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EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2017 EPRG and CEEPR Annual Conference with support from ENEDIS. The Conference took place at the Sorbonne University in Paris on 6-7 July and comprised a day-and-a-half of sessions and dinner with a concert.

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Session 1: Energy transitions in Europe and in the US

Chaired by Joshua Hodge (MIT)

Session 2: Wholesale market designs for future low-carbon energy systems

Chaired by Robert Ritz (EPRG)

Session 3: The future of electricity distribution network and tariff policy

Chaired by Jean-Baptiste Galland (ENEDIS)

Session 4: Panel session: Low carbon cities

Chaired by Christophe Bonnery (IAEE)

  • Anne Hidalgo, Mayor, represented by Yann Francoise, City of Paris
  • Rebekah Emanuel (Imagine Boston 2030)
  • Christian de Perthuis (Climate Economics Chair)
  • Marcial Echenique (University of Cambridge)
  • Eric Salomon (ENEDIS)

Session 1: Pricing and fossil fuel use

Chaired by Michael Mehling (MIT)

Session 2: Future business models for distributed energy resources

Chaired by David Newbery (EPRG)