2023 EPRG annual conference (Brussels)

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7 Sep 2023

08:00 -21:00

8 Sep 2023

08:00 -14:00

By invitation only

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EPRG, CEEPR and CERRE European Energy Policy Conference

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2023 EPRG, CEEPR and CERRE European Energy Policy Conference. This year, the conference was held in strategic partnership with RWE. It took place at Sparks Building, Rue Ravenstein 60, in Brussels, Belgium, on 7-8 September 2023 and comprised a day-and-a-half of sessions and dinner.

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  • Bruno Liebhaberg (CERRE), David Newbery (EPRG), Paul Dawson (RWE)

Policy roundtable: Designing electricity markets

Chaired by Dermot Nolan (EPRG)

  • Tadhg O’Briain (DG ENER; Consumers, Local Initiatives, Just Transition)
  • Aleksandra Baranska (DG ENER, Internal Energy Market)
  • Clara Poletti (ACER)
  • Michael Pollitt (CERRE)
  • Paul Dawson (RWE)
  • Tim Schittekatte (MIT)

Carbon pricing and carbon markets

Chaired by Michael Mehling (MIT)

The future of energy technologies

Chaired by Michael Pollitt (CERRE)

Supply chains for the energy transition

Chaired by Joshua Hodge (MIT)

  • Elsa Olivetti (MIT) (virtual)
  • Ruth Lambrechts (Umicore)

The future of (renewable) gas

Chaired by Catharina Sikow-Magny (EC)

Policy roundtable: Transatlantic perspectives on green investment policies

Chaired by David Newbery (EPRG)

  • MEP Tsvetelina Penkova (virtual)
  • Christopher Knittel (MIT)
  • Simon Taylor (EPRG)

Closing remarks

  • Christopher Knittel (MIT)
  • David Newbery (EPRG)
  • Bruno Liebhaberg (CERRE)