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The Centre for India & Global Business at Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, acts as a platform for research and engagement with key partners in industry, academia and policy in India, the UK and across the world. Its primary focus is to understand, promote, and engage with innovators on India's leading role in the global knowledge economy.

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The Centre will conduct research and engage with key partners in three strategic areas.

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The role of the Centre, the challenges we face and what's next.

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Learn more about the faculty, researchers and industry partners at the Centre for India and Global Business

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Industry partnerships

Learn about our current partners and their work with the Centre, and find out more about becoming a partner.

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News & insight

Circular and frugal

Video thoughts of participants of the inaugural edition of InnoFrugal UK, the UK’s first conference dedicated to the subject of frugal innovation …

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Frugal innovation

Professor Jaideep Prabhu says that doing more with less makes sense – whatever your location. On 26 January 2001, an earthquake of …

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In the media

Cambridge Business Magazine: Scaling-up for social businesses in developing countries

Study co-authored by Jaideep Prabhu, professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, identifies four strategies and two key methods for scaling …

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The Sunday Times: Tearing down the walls that can block creativity

Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments about the rise in shared working spaces that is getting more …

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The world-class faculty and students affiliated with the Centre for India & Global Business conduct cutting-edge research on topics related to India's socio-economic development and its growing engagement with the global business community.

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I'd like to see India's talent for jugaad - frugal, flexible and inclusive innovation - scaled up. My hope is that this can be done systematically across the board, to develop and deliver radically affordable solutions in health, education, energy, agriculture and finance.
Professor Jaideep Prabhu

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