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In today's complex and dynamic environment organisations look for evidence-based approaches to support or challenge their ideas about their strategy, structure, leadership and people development approaches, as well as their change and transformation initiatives. 

The Centre's advisory works in close cooperation with representatives of the organisation and the approach is always tailored to the organisation's ambitions and challenges. Clients include both commercial and public organisation. In several cases CIHRM has also entered into cooperation with major international consulting firms, becoming part of the team working for their clients. 

CIHRM has extensive experience as leadership coaches - or "sparring partners" - as we like to call it. If CIHRM is not able to perform the coaching directly, the Centre can facilitate contact with experienced executives, board Chairs and members, and coaching practitioners. 

Coaching process and approach

CIHRM's approach to leadership development coaching builds a one-on-one relationship to help someone become a more effective leader and practices a four-step process.

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Leadership development

An organisation’s strength and value will depend on its ability to develop a robust leadership pipeline, embrace diversity and create value from a diverse pool of leaders. The right leader for the right job is more important than ever.

The will and ability to systematically develop your own leadership capability is therefore very important for the organisation, your colleagues and yourself. The individual leader must be committed to and drive their own learning and development.

Leadership development

Accelerated leadership development takes place in many ways. The most important are:

  • On-the-job through the deployment of leadership talents into more complex and demanding positions across the value chain and geography; lead or participate in temporary full or part time stretch assignments; and delegation, performance management and talent reviews.
  • Coaching by experienced leaders who ask the right questions and provide relevant advice and guidance.
  • Internal and external action-oriented learning programmes.

Videos, podcasts and opinion from thought leaders on hot topics.

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