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Our aim is to conduct insightful and practical research to improve the design and deployment of high-performance people management processes into innovative contexts.

We frame our research around themes that reflect the most pertinent challenges for organisations. We conduct initial research for each theme, assembling cases, hard facts, and academic articles to support the findings from our own surveys, interviews and focus groups.

At the moment, CIHRM is researching the following themes:

The future of work

The Centre's research focuses on developments in how people work, the nature of the organisations through which they interact and the institutional changes underway. The aim to shed a light on the future of work, and to understand how business can harness the full potential of the technology revolution. The new digital environment has made huge impacts on business strategies and business models. What is less clear is the impact on organisational cultures and structures. The Centre is working with BT into the introduction of autonomic working and how this will influence choices about organisational design and employee motivation.

HR and management innovation

Research in this subject focuses particularly in the area of succession management and performance management.

Succession planning is critical to ensure the effective revitalisation of an organisation but is often a process that is badly handled One area where research is lacking is in the board’s role in the succession process. Another good example is performance management. The lack of traction with standard appraisal and ranking systems has led a number of organisations to experiment with new approaches to evaluation, feedback, and rewards. 

Videos, podcasts and opinion from thought leaders on hot topics.

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