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Lloyd’s Business Blackout

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1 Lime Street 

Business Blackout is a joint report by Lloyd’s and the University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies that estimates the insurance impacts of a cyber attack on the northeastern US power gird. An improbable, yet technical possible cyber attack damages several key electricity  generators in 15 states including New York City and Washington DC. The total impact to the US economy reaches as high as $1 trillion for the most extreme scenario variant, with an estimate insurance loss of $71.1 billion.

Attendance by invitation only.

Day 1: Wednesday 8 July 2015




Registration, tea & coffee


Nick Beecroft, Manager, Emerging Risks & Research, Lloyd’s


The Lloyd’s perspective on cyber risk insurance
Tom Bolt, Director, Performance Management


Presentation of findings
Dr Andrew Coburn, Simon Ruffle and Eireann Leverett, University of Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies


Tom Bolt and the Centre for Risk Studies, University of Cambridge


Networking opportunity
Tea and coffee available

Andrew Coburn

Director of Advisory Board, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Andrew is a Founder and Director of the Centre for Risk Studies’ External Advisory Board, and Senior Vice President at Risk Management Solutions, the leading provider of catastrophe risk models to the insurance industry. He is also a Fellow of Cambridge Judge Business School.

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Eireann Leverett

Senior Risk Researcher, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Eireann is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies, where his research focuses upon technological disasters and the economic impacts of computer security failures or accidents.

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Simon Ruffle

Director of Research & Innovation, Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies

Simon Ruffle is a member of the Executive Team and is responsible for the overall research framework of the Centre. He is researching into innovative sourcing of business economic data and is leading the cyber threat research track. He has a background in natural hazards and the insurance industry.

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