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The Centre has compiled a compendium of threat maps, analytics and data layers, as a toolkit for assessing international risk of business disruption. Project Pandora references the classical story of Pandora’s Box of All Ills and is the culmination of a research track that the Centre for Risk Studies has been pursuing since its inception.

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Cambridge Global Risk Index 2019

This is the 2019 update of the Cambridge Global Risk Index. The Global Risk Index compiles the impacts of 22 types of threats into a single, annual measurement of economic loss. Cyber risk has seen a rise from seventh to sixth place among global threats in this year’s Index.

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Cambridge Global Risk Index 2018

The research by the Centre for Risk Studies is unique in making an annual qualification of the potential GDP impact of unpredictable shocks on the world’s most prominent cities.

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Cambridge Global Risk Index 2017

This report summarises the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies’ analysis of global risk outlook for 2017 to the world’s economy from 22 threats in five broad categories.

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Cambridge Global Risk Index 2015

The Executive Summary provides an overview of the City Risk Index 2015-2025.

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