Stage 1: Complete ‘Ethical Approval’

Lead time: at least 4 weeks

All University of Cambridge projects involving human participants need to be approved by the University’s Cambridge Psychology Research Ethics Committee, or be exempt from approval, before conducting the experiment.

If Ethical Approval has been granted

If you can provide evidence that Ethical Approval (with reference number) has already been granted, no further approval is necessary. Please submit a copy of the Ethical Approval (with reference number), as well as the consent form approved by your ethics review body, to the Experimental Laboratory Manager.

If Ethical Approval has not yet been granted

If you cannot provide evidence that Ethical Approval (with reference number) has already been granted you need to complete the ethics self-assessment.

Please note: If you are a student, the self-assessment should be completed after discussion with your faculty supervisor.

Instructions for both Cambridge Judge Business School and external researchers

  • Complete the self-assessment.
  • Send your consent form template and experiment summary to Cambridge Judge Business School’s Research Manager.
  • The documents will be reviewed.
  • If Cambridge Judge Business School’s ethics review group confirm approval, you will be informed and can go ahead and set up your experiment with the Experimental Lab Manager.
  • If the review group request University-level approval, you will need to apply for it via the Psychology Ethics Committee.

Once you have Ethical Approval

If you have had to seek Ethical Approval from one of the ethics committees, you will need to provide evidence that this has been granted. Please submit with reference number to the Experimental Lab Manager.

Research involving NHS data

For research involving NHS data, please check if approval is required via the Health Research Authority decision tool. Additional guidance is available on the Research Ethics Service webpage.