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Our working papers are produced by Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. They are circulated for discussion purposes only, their contents should be considered preliminary and are not to be reproduced without the author’s permission.

Please address enquiries about the series to:

Katie Jones, Research Manager
Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1AG, UK

[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0)1223 760546


Title and author(s)


COVID-19 death rate is higher in European countries with a low flu intensity since 2018 (pdf, 520KB)
Chris Hope


Controlled infection to exit COVID-19 lockdown: a first utilitarian analysis (pdf, 373KB)
Chris Hope


Artificial intelligence in asset management [available online via the SSRN]
Söhnke M. Bartram, Jürgen Branke and Mehrshad Motahari


Mergers, mavericks, and tacit collusion (pdf, 1.1MB)
Donja Darai, Catherine Roux and Frédéric Schneider


Super-fluidity: creating an organisation that flexes with the market (pdf, 572KB)
Peter J. Williamson, Xiaobo Wu and Eden Yin


Organisational purpose: the construct and its antecedents and consequences (pdf, 692KB)
Victoria Hurth, Charles Ebert and Jaideep Prabhu


A risk assessment framework for the socio-economic impacts of electricity transmission infrastructure failure due to space weather (pdf, 1.1MB)
Edward J. Oughton, Mike Hapgood, Gemma S. Kelly, Ciaran Beggan, Alan Thomson, Mark Gibbs, Catharine Burnett, Trevor Gaunt, Markos Trichas, Rabia Dada and Richard B. Horne


Towards 5G: scenario-based assessment of the future supply and demand for mobile telecommunications infrastructure (pdf, 2MB)
Revised version of 04/2017 (March 2018) (pdf, 879KB)
Edward Oughton, Zoraida Frias, Tom Russell, Douglas Sicker and David D. Cleevely


Stochastic counterfactual analysis for the vulnerability assessment of cyber-physical attacks on electricity distribution infrastructure networks (pdf, 1.15MB)
Edward J. Oughton, Daniel Ralph, Eireann Leverett, Raghav Pant, Scott Thacker, Jim W. Hall, Jennifer Copic, Simon Ruffle and Michelle Tuveson


The Strategic National Infrastructure Assessment of Digital Communications (pdf, 618KB)
Revised version of 02/2017 (March 2018) (pdf, 303KB)
Edward Oughton, Zoraida Frias, Mischa Dohler, Jon Crowcroft, David Cleevely, Jason Whalley, Douglas Sicker and Jim Hall


Improving patient access to care: performance incentives and competition in healthcare markets (pdf, 2.3MB)
Houyuan Jiang, Zhan Pang and Sergei Savin


In search of the roots of ‘human resource management’ in the Chinese workplace (pdf, 439KB)
Ronald Busse, Malcolm Warner and Shuming Zhao


Womenomics [available on request]
Sucheta Nadkarni, Elaine Yen Nee Oon and Jenny Chu


New reformulations for the conflict resolution problem in the scheduling of television commercials (pdf, 799KB)
Giovanni Giallombardo, Houyuan Jiang and Giovanna Miglionico


Quantifying the implicit climate subsidy received by leading fossil fuel companies (pdf, 340KB)
Chris Hope, Paul Gilding and Jimena Alvarez


Taylorism revisited: culture, management theory and paradigm-shift (pdf, 305KB)
Morgan Witzel and Malcolm Warner


“Pay what you want” as threshold public good provision (pdf, 531KB)
Vincent Mak, Rami Zwick, Akshay R. Rao, and Jake A. Pattaratanakun


On Keynes and China: Keynesianism ‘with Chinese characteristics’ (pdf, 344KB)
Malcolm Warner


A blueprint for the next generation organisation: reconciling agility, efficiency and purpose (pdf, 217KB)
Jonathan Trevor and Peter Williamson


Comparing human resource management in China and Vietnam: an overview (pdf, 350KB)
Malcolm Warner


Empirical prediction intervals revisited (pdf, 531KB)
Yun Shin Lee and Stefan Scholtes


Cultural agenda setting and the role of critics: an empirical examination in the market for art-house films (pdf, 365KB)
Pavlos C. Symeou, Philemon Bantimaroudis and Stelios C. Zyglidopoulos


Modulating between relational and contractual approaches to buyer-supplier relations: a case study of Nissan (pdf, 249KB)
Merieke Stevens, Matthias Holweg and Frits K. Pil


Operationalising the adaptation of strategies to the institutional contexts of emerging markets (pdf, 329KB)
Farzad H. Alvi and Peter J. Williamson


Management education and training in East Asia: China, Japan and South Korea (pdf, 235KB)
Malcolm Warner


How high should climate change taxes be? (pdf, 373KB)
Chris Hope


New insights from the PAGE09 model: the social cost of CO2 (pdf, 551KB)
Chris Hope


The effect of uncertainty on US transport-related GHG emissions and fuel consumption out to 2050 (pdf, 2.36MB)
Parisa Bastani, John B. Heywood and Chris Hope


A forward-looking stochastic fleet model for analysing the impact of uncertainty on light-duty vehicles fuel use and emissions (pdf, 1.95MB)
Parisa Bastani, John B. Heywood and Chris Hope


The social cost of CO2 from the PAGE09 model (pdf, 556KB)
Chris Hope


The PAGE09 integrated assessment model: a technical description (pdf, 352KB)
Chris Hope


Performance-based contracts for outpatient medical services (pdf, 494KB)
Houyuan Jiang, Zhan Pang and Sergei Savin


Exact computational approaches to a stochastic uncapacitated single allocation p-Hub center problem (pdf, 354KB)
Edward Hult, Houyuan Jiang and Daniel Ralph


Reformulations and computational results for the uncapacitated single allocation hub covering problem (pdf, 259KB)
Andreas T. Ernst, Houyuan Jiang, Mohan Krishnamoorthy and Davaatseren Baatar