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Working papers from 2011

No. Title and author(s)
10/2011 Management education and training in East Asia: China, Japan and South Korea (pdf, 235KB)
Malcolm Warner
09/2011 How high should climate change taxes be? (pdf, 373KB)
Chris Hope
08/2011 New insights from the PAGE09 model: the social cost of CO2 (pdf, 551KB)
Chris Hope
07/2011 The effect of uncertainty on US transport-related GHG emissions and fuel consumption out to 2050 (pdf, 2.36MB)
Parisa Bastani, John B. Heywood and Chris Hope
06/2011 A forward-looking stochastic fleet model for analysing the impact of uncertainty on light-duty vehicles fuel use and emissions (pdf, 1.95MB)
Parisa Bastani, John B. Heywood and Chris Hope
05/2011 The social cost of CO2 from the PAGE09 model (pdf, 556KB)
Chris Hope
04/2011 The PAGE09 integrated assessment model: a technical description (pdf, 352KB)
Chris Hope
03/2011 Performance-based contracts for outpatient medical services (pdf, 494KB)
Houyuan Jiang, Zhan Pang and Sergei Savin
02/2011 Exact computational approaches to a stochastic uncapacitated single allocation p-Hub center problem (pdf, 354KB)
Edward Hult, Houyuan Jiang and Daniel Ralph
01/2011 Reformulations and computational results for the uncapacitated single allocation hub covering problem (pdf, 259KB)
Andreas T. Ernst, Houyuan Jiang, Mohan Krishnamoorthy and Davaatseren Baatar