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Working papers from 2017

No. Title and author(s)
04/2017 Towards 5G: scenario-based assessment of the future supply and demand for mobile telecommunications infrastructure (pdf, 2MB)
Revised version of 04/2017 (March 2018) (pdf, 879KB)
Edward Oughton, Zoraida Frias, Tom Russell, Douglas Sicker and David D. Cleevely
03/2017 Stochastic counterfactual analysis for the vulnerability assessment of cyber-physical attacks on electricity distribution infrastructure networks (pdf, 1.15MB)
Edward J. Oughton, Daniel Ralph, Eireann Leverett, Raghav Pant, Scott Thacker, Jim W. Hall, Jennifer Copic, Simon Ruffle and Michelle Tuveson
02/2017 The Strategic National Infrastructure Assessment of Digital Communications (pdf, 618KB)
Revised version of 02/2017 (March 2018) (pdf, 303KB)
Edward Oughton, Zoraida Frias, Mischa Dohler, Jon Crowcroft, David Cleevely, Jason Whalley, Douglas Sicker and Jim Hall
01/2017 Improving patient access to care: performance incentives and competition in healthcare markets (pdf, 2.3MB)
Houyuan Jiang, Zhan Pang and Sergei Savin