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Our programmes

The Cambridge MBA

A unique and transformative experience, in just 12 months.

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Master of Finance (MFin)

Academically rigorous and commercially relevant, our post-experience degree will sharpen your perspective and broaden your knowledge.

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Executive MBA

A 20-month degree programme for senior executives, attended by people from around the world. Participants can continue working while earning a Cambridge degree.

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Executive Education Open Programmes

Our Open Programmes are designed for mid to senior level executives around the world seeking new perspectives and insights on key management issues.

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Executive Education Custom Programmes

Our custom programmes not only help develop individual and organisational capabilities, they transform the way you think.

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Research programmes

Our PhD programme educates the academic leaders of tomorrow. It attracts individuals of the highest intellectual calibre with a desire to leave a mark on the world as academics in a business school, applying the rigour of academic debate to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

A 12 month, part-time programme that transforms the entrepreneurial aspirations of ambitious individuals into real action and new enterprises.

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Programmes for members of the University of Cambridge

Celebrating 25 years of excellence

Over 25 years we have transformed from start-up to success story.

Imagine what we can do by 2040.

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Why making decisions on technology is about far more than just the hardware

Do we control technology, or does technology control us? That’s a question that every business, government and individuals should be asking themselves …

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Chara Georgiadou, Country Manager at trivago

What do you need to survive and thrive at a start-up? For Chara Georgiadou it was flexibility, commitment… and two weeks on …

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Transform your business: six ways to be truly innovative

How can you tell if your business is capable of the type of innovation that could transform an entire industry? Look out …

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Hiring MBAs – what do employers really want?

Your reason for doing an MBA is most likely to get that dream job afterwards – but what is it that employers …

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Michael Chin, Head of Asia Practice at Lewis Holdway Lawyers

For Michael Chin, building bridges is an integral part of establishing a truly global business. On paper, Michael Chin, Head of Asia …

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Why social innovation must go beyond the social sector

The world is facing a series of “wicked problems” – climate change, poverty alleviation, income inequality and persistent societal conflicts. And with …

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Carolyn Fairbairn, non-executive director of the Competition and Markets Authority, Lloyds Banking Group, the Vitec Group, Capita, the UK Statistics Authority and a Trustee of Marie Curie Cancer Care

From Downing Street to the Lloyds Banking Group, via the BBC, ITV and McKinsey to name a few, Carolyn Fairbairn knows that …

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Upcoming events

7 October 2015

In Search of 'Good' Energy Policy: The Social Limits to Technological Solutions to Energy & Climate Problems

Energy policy in every country aims to deliver secure, affordable and clean energy to power the economy. However simultaneously achieving these three goals is difficult and contentious and there are wide variations between countries in their approach to policy. In his inaugural lecture, Professor Michael Pollitt will explore some of the key social aspects to the promotion of 'good' energy policy.

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Latest news

The value of climate change research

Better information on global temperature rise due to greenhouse gases could be worth $10 trillion, says new study from University of Cambridge …

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Industrial excellence

Bentley Motors wins European Industrial Excellence Awards in competition judged by academics including Dr Jane Davies of Cambridge Judge Business School. Bentley …

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Fast-Expanding Markets (FEMs)

New terminology is needed to move beyond ‘macroeconomics’ and ’emerging economies’ in order to identify new areas of growth, says study on …

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Cytora funding

Accelerate Cambridge programme venture Cytora, a risk-analytics company, raises its second round of investment. Cytora, a risk-analytics company that was part of …

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For 20 leading fossil fuel producing firms, we measured the economic cost to society of the climate change impacts caused by the use of their products, and compared this with their profits in each year from 2008 to 2012.
Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling (posted on 30 July 2015)
Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is abundantly endowed with natural resources, whose value has increased in recent decades. But this has not led to increased benefits for the majority of the people. A recent IMF working paper sheds more light on the challenge of making Africa’s wealth work for most Africans.
Dr Simon Taylor, University Lecturer in Finance (posted on 19 May 2015)
Attracting bright minds from anywhere in a global competition for talent is an issue for many companies, and especially for us as a university.
Professor Christoph Loch, Director (posted on 6 May 2015)
The clone domination strategy is binary, simple, scalable, and sustainable; restrict promotion to anyone not made of green Play-Doh. This clone proliferation cycle ensures the tide of bureaucratic inertia continues, status quo dominates, and the stress of change is non-existent – a true clone nirvana.
Colonel Bill DeMarco, Centre for Social Innovation (posted on 3 March 2015)

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the views of CJBS, the University of Cambridge, or any other party.

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Media coverage

The Economist: It’s getting hotter

Further coverage of a new analysis of the effects of melting permafrost in the Arctic points to $43 trillion in extra economic …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Keynes’ role as an investor chronicled

David Chambers and Elroy Dimson of the Newton Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM) at Cambridge Judge outlined John Maynard Keynes’s role …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Website finds gifts for elderly Chinese

Venture launched by Andrew Tan, Executive MBA participant at Cambridge Judge, helps Chinese adults find gifts online for elderly parents and grandparents. …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Investors should be aware of ‘hidden’ risk in fossil fuel companies

Investors have long known that fossil fuel companies enjoy an “implicit subsidy” in that such firms don’t pay for economic damage their …

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Cambridge Business Magazine: Changing workplace routine can boost performance

“Organisations can improve performance by changing workplace routines but many are stymied by a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Philip Stiles, University Senior Lecturer …

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Clear Admit: Cambridge Judge appoints first-ever female director of the MBA

Jane Davies, Senior Faculty in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge, was appointed in August to serve as the first-ever female director of …

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Cambridge TV: Cambridge Rare Disease Network summit 2015

The Cambridge Rare Disease Network hosted its first summit at Cambridge Judge Business School. The event was a huge success with 150 …

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Business Because: MBA entrepreneurs from top business-schools raise $62bn in venture capital

Start-up companies founded by graduates of 25 top business schools have raised $62.8 billion in venture capital funding, writes Seb Murray. Simon …

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