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Our programmes

The Cambridge MBA

A unique and transformative experience, in just 12 months.

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Master of Finance (MFin)

Academically rigorous and commercially relevant, our post-experience degree will sharpen your perspective and broaden your knowledge.

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Executive MBA

A 20-month degree programme for senior executives, attended by people from around the world. Participants can continue working while earning a Cambridge degree.

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Executive Education

A wide range of open enrolment and customised programmes designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders and executives who strive for professional and personal growth.

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Research programmes

Our PhD programme educates the academic leaders of tomorrow. It attracts individuals of the highest intellectual calibre with a desire to leave a mark on the world as academics in a business school, applying the rigour of academic debate to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

A 12 month, part-time programme that transforms the entrepreneurial aspirations of ambitious individuals into real action and new enterprises.

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MSt in Social Innovation

A part-time programme designed for practitioners for the business, public and social sectors who wish to lead innovative solutions to pressing social issues.

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Programmes for members of the University of Cambridge

Upcoming events

3-5 March 2017

DisruptEd - Exploring Emerging Technology for Education

Develop, test and launch your business in 54 hours! Unveil new business opportunities with global potential for the next generation of educational technology at our upcoming Venture Creation Weekend.

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Cyber risks

The loss of sensitive information gets all the headlines, but lesser-known threats from cyber attacks also deserve attention, say risk experts at …

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How to find the road less travelled

Traffic study shows real-time travel information has less of an impact on speeding up our journeys that you might expect. Those of …

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‘Demystifying’ the funding funnel

Finding and renewing funding can be a bewildering experience for entrepreneurs, but experts at a conference in Cambridge, including two from Cambridge …

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How networks are turning to mathematicians to maximise ad dollar returns

Media planners be warned: the next great battle for eyeballs will be conducted via algorithm. When your customers are paying tens of …

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Latest news

Historical investment analysis

Modest inflation rises, based on historical precedent, should not adversely affect the real return on equity investing, says annual Credit Suisse Global …

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Opposites really DON’T attract

Study shows that ‘birds of a feather do flock together’ – finally providing scientific backing for the idea that people seek romantic …

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Entrepreneurial honour

Hanadi Jabado, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge, is named ‘unsung hero’ for support of UK entrepreneurial community. Hanadi …

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The Africa and Middle East Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

African and Middle East alternative finance markets totaled more than $475 million in 2013-2015, with growth of 59 per cent to $242 …

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Is your profile picture ‘smart’?

Algorithms can predict a person’s intelligence based on social network photos as accurately as humans can and without faulty stereotyping, says study …

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Head of MBA Admissions Conrad Chua says that it's impossible to reduce an MBA experience in whatever business school to just a number: don't ignore the rankings but make your own judgement of a school from speaking to its staff, its alums and students and make your own decision whether that is the right school for you.
Conrad Chua (posted on 30 January 2017)
Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, co-authors an article on five key principles that frugal marketers from around the world can adopt to drive greater efficiency and customer impact, in equal measure.
Professor Jaideep Prabhu and Ritchie Metha (posted on 30 January 2017)
The Centre for Business Research asks how secure is civil nuclear energy and, whatever the so-called strike price high or low that electricity is eventually offered to consumers at in 35 years' time when Hinkley is completed and is operational, do we really need to continue a nuclear programme when post the Japanese Fukushima accident other European countries like Germany and Switzerland have abandoned theirs?
Simon Deakin, Charlotte Sausman & David Howarth, University of Cambridge (posted on 23 January 2017)

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the views of CJBS, the University of Cambridge, or any other party.

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Media coverage

Chartered Management Institute: Eight reasons why you should love your middle manager

Stuart Rock writes about middle managers and what role do they play in the organisation. Professor Christoph Loch, Director of Cambridge Judge …

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P2P banking: Survey open for new study on Asian fintech

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) has partnered with the Australian Centre for Financial Studies at Monash University and Tsinghua University …

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The Systems Scientist: Solar storms could cost USA tens of billions of dollars

The daily US economic cost from solar storm-induced electricity blackouts could total more than $40 billion, with more than half the loss …

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City AM: Millennials: The unlikely group supporting Britain’s SMEs

Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, alumnus of Cambridge MBA programme (MBA 2010) and chief executive and co-founder of SyndicateRoom, writes about the Enterprise Investment …

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Inc: Do you swear a lot? That may just mean you’re honest

People who swear are seen as more honest according to the study co-authored by Dr David Stillwell, University Lecturer in Big Data …

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The Conversation: How luxury carmakers can reduce waste and improve efficiency

Dr Khaled Soufani, Director of the Circular Economy Research Initiative (CERI) and Director of the Executive MBA programme at Cambridge Judge, co-authored …

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BBC Radio 5 Live: Drive

Dr David Stillwell, University Lecturer in Big Data Analytics & Quantitative Social Science at Cambridge Judge, talks about research that found opposites …

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Business Weekly: Cambridge focus on incubating for disruption

The next Enterprise Tuesday event taking place on 21 February will focus on direct corporate investment in external start-ups. The speakers will …

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