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Our programmes

The Cambridge MBA

A unique and transformative experience, in just 12 months.

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Master of Finance (MFin)

Academically rigorous and commercially relevant, our post-experience degree will sharpen your perspective and broaden your knowledge.

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Executive MBA

A 20-month degree programme for senior executives, attended by people from around the world. Participants can continue working while earning a Cambridge degree.

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Executive Education

A wide range of open enrolment and customised programmes designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders and executives who strive for professional and personal growth.

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Research programmes

Our PhD programme educates the academic leaders of tomorrow. It attracts individuals of the highest intellectual calibre with a desire to leave a mark on the world as academics in a business school, applying the rigour of academic debate to the world’s most pressing problems.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship

A 12 month, part-time programme that transforms the entrepreneurial aspirations of ambitious individuals into real action and new enterprises.

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MSt in Social Innovation

A part-time programme designed for practitioners for the business, public and social sectors who wish to lead innovative solutions to pressing social issues.

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Programmes for members of the University of Cambridge

Upcoming events

4 May 2017

Financial Market History: Reflections on the Past for Investors Today

In this London Business Briefing, Professor Elroy Dimson will discuss historical risks and returns on various assets, the development of stock markets, bubbles and crises, and the role of innovation in financial markets.

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Brexit and energy

Britain can play the role of an innovative ‘California’ in addressing European energy policy issues post-Brexit, says Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge …

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The curious case of what makes people switch mobile phone contracts

Study co-authored by Cambridge Judge Business School academic finds that ‘loss aversion’ to paying extra, rather than saving money, is the real …

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Affordable value innovation

For multinationals, the real prize in developing countries is in ‘good enough’ rather than high-end products, which can be very profitable, says …

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Alleviating poverty through trust

‘Myopic’ decision-making by those on low-incomes creates a vicious cycle of poverty, but a new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School …

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Latest news

Reclamation project for commuters

Five simple strategies can help ‘reclaim your commute’ in order to reduce stress through greater control, says new Harvard Business Review article …

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Cross-border entrepreneurship co-operation

“Campus Entrepreneurship” cooperation agreement is signed between Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Bergamo and Maastricht University. A co-operation agreement on entrepreneurship …

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Cc’ing the boss can ‘backfire’

“Cc’ing” supervisors to emails between co-workers erodes trust among office colleagues, finds study at Cambridge Judge Business School, outlined in Harvard Business …

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New funding for carbon capture and storage

UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre, whose Deputy Director is David Reiner of Cambridge Judge, gains £6.1 million in new funding …

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New funding for platform Repositive

Genomic data venture Repositive, supported by Cambridge Social Ventures at Cambridge Judge, raises £2.5 million to support expansion. Cambridge-based startup Repositive, a …

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I’m sat in San Francisco International Airport wondering what just happened … I think my world has just been turned upside down. We’ve just spent a week together on the International Business Study Trip: My brain is full of learning and self-reflection. My bags are now full of a new bunch of friends. My heart is burning with a desire to change the world.
Tom Martin, Executive MBA participant (posted on 28 March 2017)
One of the most important, interesting but hotly contested questions in economics is, why are some countries richer than others? The world is astonishingly unequal; the life chances of a child born today depend overwhelmingly on the country of birth...
Dr Simon Taylor, Senior Faculty in Management Practice - Finance (posted on 27 March 2017)
Head of MBA Admissions Conrad Chua says that it's impossible to reduce an MBA experience in whatever business school to just a number: don't ignore the rankings but make your own judgement of a school from speaking to its staff, its alums and students and make your own decision whether that is the right school for you.
Conrad Chua (posted on 30 January 2017)

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily representative of the views of CJBS, the University of Cambridge, or any other party.

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Media coverage

The Times: CC-ing boss leads to hate mail

A new study by David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says copying your boss into …

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire: Breakfast Show

Dr Eric Levy, University Lecturer in Marketing at Cambridge Judge, comments on the move toward a “cashless” society. One of the main …

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Times Higher Education: Battle scarred: An ethnographer at Camp Bastion

In an interview with THE, Mark de Rond, Professor of Organisational Ethnography at Cambridge Judge Business School, talks about academic research, his …

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Harvard Business Review: The business case for providing health insurance to low-income employees

A study co-authored by Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing and Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise at Cambridge Judge, investigates …

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BBC Business: How to make everyone hate you on email

David De Cremer, KPMG Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, says copying your manager into emails is not always …

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Belfast Telegraph: Northern Ireland and Brexit

Dr Graham Gudgin, Research Associate at the Centre for Business Research, discusses Northern Ireland after the Brexit vote. “If Northern Ireland were …

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The Times: Doctors on the front line

An extract from the latest book by Mark de Rond. The book entitled Doctors at War: Life and Death in a Field …

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World Economic Forum: Some ideas that might help reduce inequality

Despite economic growth in some countries, the inequality gap between poor and rich is widening. Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing and Jawaharlal …

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