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The dreamer in me


Entrepreneurship graduate wins award for best music video at the Oregon Independent Film Festival 2015.

Still from music video 'Cais' created by Ania Nakov
An alumna of the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship (PGDE) at Cambridge Judge, Ania Nakov, has won an award for Best Music Video at the Oregon Independent Film Festival 2015. The festival this summer featured more than 70 films from 11 countries.

Ania Nakov
Ania Nakov

Ania, a native of France who grew up in France and England, produced the music video featuring the song “Cais” by American singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd from her new cover album of Brazilian songs called Floresta. The video was produced on a very low budget, with Ania applying the “bootstrapping” skills she learned in the PGDE programme to make do with little resources.

The three-minute video shows Mia, clad in a sleeveless red dress and sandals, lost in thought and solitude, as she wanders along an abandoned railroad track, a pine forest and a deserted dam – seemingly looking for a way out.

The Portuguese word “cais” means pier or wharf, and the singer, over a haunting melody, explores escape and invention: “I invent the new moon rising; I invent love and I know the pain of falling into it; I invent the sea; I invent the dreamer in me.” And finally: “I invent the pier, and I know the time to set out.”

Ania graduated from the PGDE in spring 2015.

“The course was very liberating because I come from a creative background and have been searching for ways in which to actually launch a business in this field,” she says. “I was very stimulated with lots of new ideas on how to experiment, try things out in order to test the waters. I initiated this entire project due to how my thinking about my business evolved on the course.”

The film has been entered into several other forthcoming film festivals and Ania is currently working on her next project and the launch of her production company.