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The Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship provides entrepreneurs with essential knowledge and skills required to be successful. What makes our programme unique are three constituent parts that complement and strengthen each other.

The first part is academics. The entrepreneurship knowledge taught by Cambridge Judge Business School faculty offers critical insight and the latest frameworks to provide clarity of thought and confidence to make decisions and take action.

Second is practical application. Our programme is designed to allow students to integrate the newly obtained knowledge immediately into their ventures. This is possible because of the part-time nature of the programme and the support and guidance provided through one-to-one mentoring.

The third part is our community, which consists of an incredibly diverse set of students, alumni, and practicing entrepreneurs, who all share a connection to the programme and Cambridge. After all, Cambridge is known as one of the most vibrant and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world.

The Cambridge Entrepreneurship Masters is a two-year, part-time degree focussed on developing impactful entrepreneurs.

Our Masters in Entrepreneurship programme teaches you the knowledge and skills you require through a combination of online courses and practical activities.

These include hands-on workshops and seminars by industry experts and practising entrepreneurs. We combine an academically rigorous curriculum with a ‘learning by doing’ approach facilitated by mentors, peers and industry practitioners.

Our cohort consists of nascent entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their business, and more experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved some success but crave a deeper understanding.

We also welcome intrapreneurs who seek to understand how they can better utilise the principles of entrepreneurship to drive their organisations forward.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds but are connected by a common desire to learn from each other, take responsible action and contribute to a special community of entrepreneurs at Cambridge Judge Business School.

How to apply

Applications are now closed but will open again in autumn 2023.

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The Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship combines academic depth with practical application. Find out about core and elective modules.

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Programme structure

Online learning and face-to-face residential weeks are combined to create a blended programme (subject to government guidance).

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Become part of a collaborative community of entrepreneurs grounded in a shared experience of Cambridge Judge Business School.

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Overview of the Masters in Entrepreneurship programme

The Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship programme is designed to instil the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

We do this through a programme which consists of three complementary components. The impactful results of the programme can only be achieved when all components work together.

  • Academic rigour creates clarity of thought and the ability to make fast, actionable decisions.
  • Practical workshops provide insights into real-life challenges and solutions used by entrepreneurs.
  • The collaborative network of the programme guided by experienced mentors provides essential support.

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Clarity of thought driven by academic rigor

Practitioner enabled experiential learning

Collaborative community grounded in their shared CJBS entrepreneurship experience

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