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Cambridge Judge alumnus given a second chance to compete in the Cancer Research UK Boat Races 2016


Clemens Auersperg will row with the Cambridge team in this year’s Cancer Research UK Boat Races on 27 March on the River Thames in London.

Racing boat shell competing in a competitive rowing race.

In 2014 Clemens undertook the MPhil in Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, and is now studying at Cambridge for an MPhil in Economic and Social History.

Having missed out last year, this year’s race is particularly important to Clemens:
“I got a little unlucky last year with a slipped disk and just missed out on selection for the first boat. But, after spending the summer with the national team and racing at the senior world championships I decided to come back to try to settle some unfinished business.”

First held in 1829 and 1927, respectively, the men’s and women’s Boat Races are amongst the oldest sporting events in the world. March 2016 sees the running of the 162nd Boat Race and 71st Women’s Boat Race, both now taking place on the Championship Course.

An Austrian native, Clemens has been rowing for over 10 years and has rowed for the Austrian National team. Whilst studying for an undergraduate degree in history he rowed for Columbia University, and he also has rowed for the New York Athletic Club.

With rowing taking up so much time and energy, it’s a challenge for him to focus much on anything else – but after the Boat Race the focus will shift to his dissertation before joining McKinsey as a consultant.