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Off-grid power


H24E Innova power-generating system, founded by two Cambridge MBA students, wins 2018 Enterprise Society Awards at Hughes Hall.

2018 News: Off-grid power.
Patara Panuparb.
Patara Panuparb (MBA 2017)
Tadashi Kubo.
Tadashi Kubo (MBA 2017)

H24E Innova, a power-generating venture founded by two Cambridge MBA students, Tadashi Kubo and Patara Panuparb (both MBA 2017), won the 2018 Enterprise Society Award at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge. The award granted on 10 May carries a £1,250 prize.

The system developed by H24E Innova generates on-demand clean electricity to help solve shortages of power and drinking water, particularly in off-grid areas. The system generates power by combining ultra-short pulse laser technology with a hydrogen-based fuel cell.

“H24E Innova’s ground-breaking technology combined with a compelling business plan impressed the judges,” said the award announcement on the Hughes Hall website. This was the fourth year of the Enterprise Society Awards.

The two MBA students in February won the SCG Bangkok Business Challenge in Thailand for their business plan for H24E.