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A year apart at Cambridge Judge but LinkedIn brought us together

Cambridge Judge Business School alumna, Julia Palatovska (MBA 2014) met a prospective Cambridge MBA student, Denis Terpanov (MBA 2015) and was swept off her feet by the expert gamer.

Julia Palatovska and Denis Terpanov
Julia Palatovska (MBA 2014) and Denis Terpanov (MBA 2015)

“Our story started in August 2015 when I had just finished my Cambridge MBA programme. The next MBA class was about to arrive, so I received a very polite message from a stranger on LinkedIn: ‘I am an incoming MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School. I am writing to ask if you would be willing to have a call with me to chat about your time at Cambridge. Thank you in advance and I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you before I leave for UK. Best, Denis’

“It wasn’t unusual for prospective students to get in touch, so I took the call. Then I accepted the dinner invitation when Denis arrived at Cambridge. Then Denis introduced me to his entire class, who had a chance to watch Denis working to impress me for a good seven months! Denis tried everything: dancing parties, dinners, gifts and eventually knowing that I was crazy about skiing, he even organised a surprise ski trip to Cervinia in Italy for the two of us.

“I wasn’t sure until I saw Denis playing video games. As someone who had been in the video games industry for many years I fell in love with Denis after I saw him playing. He is definitely one of the best gamers I’ve ever met!

“Now we are married and live in the Bay Area. Denis works at Facebook and I’ve started a mobile game company. We are still playing games together nearly daily!”

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