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Engaging award


Dr Oğuzhan Karakaş of Cambridge Judge wins Young Researcher award from Sabancı University School of Management in Istanbul for research on ‘Coordinated Engagements’.

Engaging award
Oğuzhan Karakaş
Dr Oğuzhan Karakaş

Dr Oğuzhan Karakaş, University Senior Lecturer in Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, has won the Young Researcher Award from Sabancı University School of Management in Istanbul for a research paper on “Coordinated Engagements”.

The paper, which has been presented at more than 40 conferences, shows how impact can be enhanced through collaborative action by shareholders. Whereas many investors have argued that adoption of environmental and social objectives is costly, the paper shows that such initiatives can reward shareholders financially.

The “Coordinated Engagements” paper was co-authored by Dr Oğuzhan Karakaş, Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Centre for Endowment Asset Management (CEAM) at Cambridge Judge, and Dr Xi Li, a Fellow of CEAM and Associate Professor of Accounting at the London School of Economics.

The Young Researcher Award was established by Sabancı in memory of the late Hakan Orbay, a former faculty member at Sabancı and researcher in microeconomics and finance. The award carries a prize of 5,000 Turkish lira (about £700).