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There wasn’t a lightning bolt in corporate finance but we still fell in love

Cambridge Judge Business School alumni Belinda Knox and Tom Howarth (MBA 2006) started a new chapter in their lives whilst studying in Cambridge – their ‘special place’.

Belinda Knox and Tom Howarth
Belinda Knox and Tom Howarth (MBA 2006)

“My husband, Tom Howarth and I met whilst we were on the Cambridge MBA programme. I had moved from Hong Kong to start the programme and Tom had moved from Germany after ending his career with the British Army. So we were both ‘fresh off the boat’ so to speak, with no other connections in Cambridge.

“We didn’t meet until well into the first term and although we can’t really say the ‘lightning bolt’ happened whilst studying corporate finance or doing group work, the MBA did offer us a unique opportunity to start a relationship in a beautiful part of the world at a very exciting time of our lives.

“We both happened to get jobs in London and then got married a few years later in Oxford. We now have two girls who always really want to go back and visit Cambridge. It is a very special place for us!”

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