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What effect could Elon Musk’s investment have on Twitter innovation?


Elon Musk’s investment in Twitter to make him the largest shareholder could boost the social media platform’s innovation, says an article in The Conversation by Cambridge Judge lecturer and MBA alumnus Hamza Mudassir (MBA 2012).

Twitter icon on a mobile phone screen.
Hamza Muddasir.
Hamza Mudassir (MBA 2012)

The nearly $3 billion investment in Twitter by the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, could accelerate innovation and competitiveness at Twitter, says an article in The Conversation by Hamza Mudassir, Visiting Fellow and alumnus (MBA 2012) at Cambridge Judge Business School.

The investment, which makes Musk the largest shareholder at 9.2%, also takes away the threat of him starting a competing social media network, and that cheers investors, the article says.

“The threat of a new popular entrant being created by a visionary tech leader now goes away. It also shows that Musk is coming in with a vision to drive change in the ecosystem, which is something not to be taken lightly,” Hamza writes.

“His infamous penchant for having a long-term view and unconventional strategic choices is likely to mean that he will shake things up, even if it is not clear today how he will do so. Certainly it can be said, with a sense of surety, that Twitter is now a far more interesting company than what it was a few days ago.”

Hamza Mudassir’s article “What Elon Musk’s US$3 billion Twitter deal means for him – and for social media” was published in The Conversation on 6 March 2022.