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Programme overview

programme overview

The purpose of the Cambridge MAcc is to develop next generation global thought-leaders in the field of financial information. Stepping into this role will require you to:

  • Make complex decisions in the face of ambiguity relying on knowledge of accounting standards, judgment, and discretion
  • Formulate questions, gather data, apply statistical techniques to that data, and persuasively communicate resulting insights
  • Anticipate and incorporate innovation

Programme delivery

The MAcc is a 24-month programme delivered in a format that allows you to continue your employment while completing your studies.

Classes will meet in person in Cambridge one weekend per month during the programme. Meeting will be less frequent between January and April. Between visits to Cambridge, you continue to be engaged in coursework through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Core courses

Core accounting courses will cover topics in global financial reporting, strategic performance management, and international tax strategy.

Core analytics courses will cover topics in statistics, data science, programming, data sources, and predictive analytics with applications to audit, risk management, forensic accounting, and managerial accounting.

Core management courses will cover topics in interpersonal dynamics, innovation and change, and negotiations.


Elective courses may include topics such as finance, financial statement analysis, compliance, early-stage entity accounting, and mergers & acquisitions accounting.

Global Accounting Conference

In the spring you'll attend a Cambridge-hosted professional conference where leading experts and programme partners will discuss cutting edge issues in the accounting profession.

Guest Speaker Series

You'll have regular opportunities to hear from and network with experts in areas such as financial reporting, standard setting, regulatory enforcement and data science.

Apply now

Applications are now open for entry in September 2018.


Meet us

The MAcc hosts a number of events including on-campus experience days.

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