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Life at Cambridge for MSt in Social Innovation students

People playing instruments in one of the Cambridge Colleges.

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and continues to be one of the top three universities in the world.

Situated across the beautiful city of Cambridge, the University’s 31 Colleges attract students and faculty from across the globe. 

Housed in a breath-taking building, Cambridge Judge Business School is filled with a diverse and talented faculty and student body, and embodies the College system designed to throw you into a multi-discipline, multi-cultural pool of friends and ideas. 

Steeped in history and providing the highest quality of education, the University of Cambridge has been, and continues to be, home to many of the greatest minds and life-changing discoveries.

The University’s students experience the highest quality of teaching, challenging and engaging discussions among your peers in class, and a queue of top employers eager to recruit you. 

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Town and gown

Secondary only to the quality of the people, our students praised the quality of the city of Cambridge. Opposite the School is the University’s oldest College, Peterhouse, and the Fitzwilliam Museum, home to amazing works of art by Titian, Monet, Rubens and Picasso. A 10-minute walk into the city centre will take you past beautiful architecture from the 11th century to the present. Interspersed amongst the moments of history and art is a vibrant and friendly city, with pubs and clubs, cafes and restaurants, shops, cinemas and a colourful market.


As a student of the MSt in Social Innovation you will be a member of one of the University’s 31 Colleges. From old to modern, these Colleges are diversity embodied, ranging in size from 150 to 1,000 students. College life will enable you to diversify your School network, and to meet and be inspired by students and academics from a wide range of disciplines. Please note that the University does ensure that every student with an offer to join the MSt in Social Innovation will receive membership from a College.

It is the responsibility of the MSt in Social Innovation admissions team to apply and secure a College place for you. This process happens after you have accepted an offer to join the programme. We are only able to submit your papers to one College at a time, so it can take several weeks to hear which College has offered you membership. Be aware that some Colleges receive many more applications than there are places. 

It is important to note that not all Colleges are able to accommodate part-time students during the Cambridge-based phases of the programme.  

Other faculties

As an MSt student at Cambridge Judge Business School, you can experience the University’s whole educational programme, as you are free to attend lectures in any faculty across the University. 

Many faculties host lectures and seminars by world business, political and cultural leaders, and students from across the University are welcome to attend.