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PhD students on the academic job market

The following Cambridge Judge Business School PhD students are currently seeking academic positions. Similar recent PhD graduates have taken postdoctoral or faculty positions at leading research institutions such as Erasmus, IESE Business School, London Business School, Warwick Business School, Imperial College Business School, University College London and INSEAD Asia.

Isabel Brüggemann

Isabel Brüggemann
Subject groupOrganisational Theory & Information Systems
Job market paper(s)

From palm to kepayang oil: translating the idea of sustainable livelihoods to rural Indonesia through institutional empowerment work (click on 'Show more' to view the abstract)

Previous research on institutional diffusion and translation has largely neglected inherent political dynamics stemming from asymmetry between promoters and adopters. As such, we ask how can promoters and adopters effectively achieve the translation of an idea under conditions of life-world and power asymmetry? Based on a qualitative study of the interactions between an international NGO and rural farmers during the diffusion and adoption of the concept of sustainable livelihoods in Indonesia, we argue that idea translation involving heterogeneous groups of actors can pass through different modes (controlling, collaborative and generative translation). We find that each mode is associated with unique challenges related to promoter-adopter asymmetry that may be addressed through particular forms of institutional work that can trigger transitions between these modes. Importantly, we find that empowerment work performed by intermediary parties during the translation enabled inclusive participation of low-power stakeholders during the project and supported the building of relationships between the heterogeneous promoters and adopters. We contribute to the literature on institutional translation by developing a dynamic, processual view of translation, which complicates the largely one-directional notion of translation that is currently prevalent in the literature. Furthermore, we show the types of institutional work required to establish cooperation among heterogeneous groups of actors, and deliver insights into tackling the challenge of achieving participatory community development.

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