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The Accounting PhD pathway

Introduction to Accounting

The Accounting group at Cambridge Judge Business School has vast international experience and diverse research interests, centred around how business managers utilise information to make strategic decisions and how public companies report financial and non-financial information to key stakeholders.

Our faculty are committed to helping prepare and advise our students to complete the programme and take positions at leading research-based universities.

Research areas

Research by the Accounting group focuses on the creation, dissemination, attestation, interpretation, use, and governance of financial and environmental, social, and governance information.

Our key research areas include:

  • financial reporting standard setting
  • international financial reporting
  • strategic management decisions
  • performance management
  • target setting
  • management control
  • corporate and university governance
  • executive compensation and incentives
  • insider trading
  • audit and earnings quality
  • sell-side analysts
  • early stage entity accounting
  • accounting for financial institutions
  • environmental, social, and governance reporting
  • fair value accounting
  • disinformation.

What you can expect from the PhD pathway in Accounting

You will be regarded as a junior member of a research-driven and very collaborative group of scholars. Our faculty have published their work in all top jounals in accounting (and in some other business-related areas) and are committed to leveraging on their experience and expertise to mentor students and collaborate with them in research projects for publication in top academic outlets.

The size of the programme will be strategically kept small to allow for the level of attention we intend to devote to our students.

What we expect from our PhD students

We seek students interested in becoming academic researchers in leading universities.

You will need to have a bachelors degree (and in some cases a masters degree) from a highly regarded university and have performed within the top 5% of your class; please see the MPhil in Finance academic requirements or Master of Research (MRes) academic requirements for more detail. 

You will be allocated a principal supervisor within your pathway. A senior academic, often a Professor or Associate Professor, they will guide you through the programme, help you to succeed in the job market and assist you in gaining a faculty position at a leading business school. Your principal supervisor will take an active role in your research programme. During the PhD, they will assemble a group of faculty (your advisory committee), and members of this team will co-author papers with you.

For this pathway, view the research interests of these faculty that may serve as principal supervisor:

Alan Jagolinzer.

Professor Alan Jagolinzer

Alan Jagolinzer researches financial reporting; international accounting; corporate governance; executive compensation and incentives; insider trading.

Rafael Rogo.

Professor Rafael Rogo

Rafael Rogo researches financial reporting; information economics; regulatory oversight; sell-side analysts.

Jenny Chu.

Dr Jenny Chu

Jenny Chu researches stock markets and financial information disclosure (earnings quality and capital market reactions to accounting information); sell-side analysts; management incentives and compensation; gender diversity..

Dr Sarah Kroechert, Dr Hwa Young Kim and Dr Marion Boisseau-Sierra are available to join a PhD advisory team.

Learn more about the faculty that teach on this pathway