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Monika Żebrowska

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Monika Żebrowska

PhD Candidate

BA (Durham University), MPhil (University of Cambridge)

Research topic

The Interplay Between Stability and Change in Institutional Maintenance


Monika’s research seeks to understand the mechanisms behind persistence of institutions over long periods of time. She’s particularly interested in the interplay between stability and change in institutional maintenance. As part of her research, Monika studies maintenance of a heritage craft of Koniaków Lacemaking in Poland.

Prior to starting her PhD, Monika completed the MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organisation at Cambridge Judge Business School and BA in Business and Management at Durham University Business School.

Research interests

Institutional maintenance and change; cultural persistence; traditions; heritage.

Monika Żebrowska is a member of the Strategy & International Business subject group.

Publications & papers

Journal articles

Kroezen, J., Ravasi, D., Sasaki, I., Zebrowska, M. and Suddaby, R. (2021) “Configurations of craft: alternative models for organizing work.” Academy of Management Annals (DOI: 10.5465/annals.2019.0145) (published online Mar 2021)

Conference presentations

Zebrowska, M. and Kroezen, J. (2019) “Hooked on a thread: investigating the interplay between stability and change in institutional maintenance.” In: EGOS Colloquium, 4-7 July 2019, Edinburgh, UK. 

Contact details

Monika Żebrowska
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG

[email protected]

Year of entry



Dr Lionel Paolella

Dr Jochem Kroezen


Strategic Management