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Technology Policy Final Group Project partners

We have successfully worked in partnership with many local, national and international organisations, including:

Royal Dutch Shell

National Audit Office

Jaguar Land Rover


Rolls Royce

Paris Peace Forum

UK Power Networks

Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy

What our MPhil in Technology Policy Project partners have had to say about us

I was incredibly impressed with how quickly the team developed a detailed understanding of a highly technical and complex area in drug research, and how they interacted with numerous stakeholders across our global sites to look at issues professionally and critically to prioritise solutions. Their recommendations balanced time, cost and impact, and incorporated important and insightful business concepts that we had not previously considered but will form the basis of our future plans.
Dr Karen Roberts, Director of Compound Synthesis and Management UK, AstraZeneca
The team used a broad range of scientific skills coupled with significant foreign language skills to develop well-informed and wide-ranging recommendations to policy-makers in a technically highly demanding field under challenging circumstances.
Simon Strickland, Senior Advisor on Strategy, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Office
I was highly impressed with the team’s ability to understand new technologies and translate from an idea into a tangible commercial opportunity. In a matter of weeks, they delivered a high-quality business development proposal that we are currently implementing.
Ashleigh McDougall, Supply Chain Business Development Manager Europe/Africa, Royal Dutch Shell