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About us

Professor Sucheta Nadkarni
Professor Sucheta Nadkarni

Welcome to the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre (WLC) at Cambridge Judge Business School! The WLC aims to provide global thought leadership in addressing the challenges in fostering a gender-balanced workforce around the world, through cutting-edge research, innovative programmes and forums for dialogue and action.

Why did we establish WLC?

There is growing evidence that gender diversity in senior leadership fosters innovation, improves decision-making, reduces corporate misconduct and enhances financial returns. Yet, although women have made great strides in business careers, their rise to senior leadership has been slow because of the lack of a strong pipeline of qualified female candidates who are ready to take on these roles. The WLC is committed to working closely with organizations, policymakers and individuals to help expand the pool of women who have the credentials and experience for these roles. We achieve this objective through:

  • researching the challenges faced and offering practical solutions
  • using these findings to create a series of innovative programmes and workshops aimed for both prospective female leaders and employers
  • creating forums and networks through which these findings can be shared and solutions developed and sustained over the longer term.

Our goal is to achieve impact across a wide range of organisations - from large companies to small start-ups, from for-profit to non-profit sectors and from corporations to government agencies around the world.

How is WLC unique?

The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School is unique in three ways:  

  • Bottom-up platform: WLC is a bottom-up platform that encourages everyone - men and women, students, faculty and staff and external constituents—to get involved. Our students, faculty and staff are core partners in expanding this initiative. Corporations, not-for-profit organisations and government agencies are also important partners. This inclusive bottom-up platform is really the cornerstone of the WLC.
  • Multi-faceted approach: WLC is multi-faceted and spans research on gender issues in business, innovative gender-focused programmes and forums to debate and collectively develop approaches that tackle the barriers in building a gender-diverse workforce globally. Our faculty have conducted ground-breaking research on a range of important topics including women in boards and executive positions, women entrepreneurs and leaders in small and medium-sized enterprises and social issues facing women globally such as child marriage in Indonesia and gender equality paradox in professional sports. We have launched innovative new programmes aimed at improving the pipeline of female leaders such as the Cambridge Rising Women Leaders’ Programme. In addition, we have created several forums for open dialogue across policy makers, corporations and academics, including our flagship annual Women's Leadership conference.
  • Making the numbers count: Right from the start we were very clear that we are not just about counting numbers, but making a meaningful difference in gender equality and women’s empowerment globally.. Our collective and nurturing focus has been a crucial part of the WLC at Cambridge Judge. We have taken efforts to improve our own culture by launching the Athena-Swan initiative for the first time in 2016.

How can you join us to make a change?

To enrich and grow the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre, it is important for us to work collaboratively to overcome the challenges still faced in building a gender-balanced workforce. So we invite everyone - whether you are a student, an alumnus/alumna, a faculty or staff member at Cambridge Judge Business School, the University of Cambridge or beyond - to be a part of this exciting initiative. Let us work together and make a meaningful difference

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Sucheta Nadkarni

Sinyi Professor of Chinese Management
Director, Wo+men's Leadership Centre

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