Research from the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre


As we enter a new era in a ‘feeling economy’ – will women’s roles in leadership reflect their many proven strengths? How can we work together to make the business world a more balanced and equitable place for both women and men? The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre (WLC) develops ideas like these and many more.  

Gender diversity is a core area of focus at the Centre, and we are quickly becoming a world-class research group. By turning our attention to large public and government corporations, SMEs as well as start-ups, our aim is to generate significant academic knowledge and to provide valuable guidance to organisations on new and innovative ways to unleash the leadership potential of both females and males in their chosen industries. The WLC has collaborated with major corporations and not-for-profit organisations to produce impactful reports that address pertinent topics on gender diversity.  

Our research has been featured in major media outlets around the world and cited in government reports, on top of winning several prestigious and and highly selective academic awards. Research based on these reports have been presented at leading academic conferences around the world.  

Research output

The key areas showcasing our output here at Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre are: 

Impactful research reports

Providing novel insights, these reports guide organisations in understanding the challenges and opportunities in building and retaining the talent pipeline.

Thought leadership white papers

Based on our cutting-edge research, we offer new ways to think about key issues on gender and leadership.

Research seminars

Our talks and conferences feature top-tier experts on the subject of women in business.