About the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre


How can women become successful leaders in an increasingly polarised global landscape? The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre (WLC) works at a grassroots level across a range of organisations to alter the dialogue surrounding women’s roles in the workplace – especially leadership positions.

As part of the Cambridge Judge Business School, the WLC has a global impact, spanning a variety of workspaces from for-profit to non-profit sectors, corporations to government agencies.

We look to support gender diversity in senior leadership positions whether it’s through our internationally recognised research, our mentorship programmes and philanthropic work, or our network of successful female leaders who take part in our regular panels and conferences.  

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International Women's Day 2023.

What we do

The WLC undertakes cutting-edge research to uncover the challenges within the work environment and uses this work to generate practical solutions. Such research will enable us to make a meaningful difference in gender equality and women’s empowerment globally. Our research findings are used to form the basis of our women’s leadership programmes, aimed at inspiring prospective female leaders and employers.

Additionally, throughout the year we offer a wide variety of panel events, workshops and our flagship annual conference to foster thought leadership, dialogue and action. We do so to engage as many people as possible to increase the support base for gender diversity in the work environment.

Strategic partners

The Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre has established a collaborative network of relationships with corporations, academic partners and professional associations.

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