Bin Chen

Programme: Cambridge Executive MBA 2012

Country: China

Company: Director, AwenID

Education: Beihang University and the University of Wales

In parallel to running my own business I’ve been working for the Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarships project, at the University of Wales.

Bin Chen

“I come from a technical background, with a BEng, MSc and PhD degree in Engineering. Since 2005 I have been carrying out R&D projects to develop innovative technical solutions to address business challenges in various industry sectors. In 2010 I set up a company, AwenID Ltd, to commercialise a patent generated through one of my R&D projects. As Director, I manage the daily operation and technical development of the company.

“In parallel to running my own business, I have been working for the Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarships project, at the University of Wales. This is an industrial-based scholarship programme, designed to promote innovation and economic development in Wales. As Innovation Fellow, my key role was to facilitate and support collaborative R&D between academia and industry.

“I was keen to undertake a degree programme whose content primarily focuses on strategy, covering a wide range of disciplines and subjects, and which is designed specifically for senior executives and professionals. I am looking to develop a structured theoretical background in business and management and develop my strategic vision in order to lead my company. The Cambridge Executive MBA was particularly appealing because of its ‘hands on’ approach, in the form of the practical projects, which allow me to put theory into practice. The implication of this approach is the immediate impact on my personal transition from technician to successful business leader, and the growth of AwenID to a profitable business. Very importantly, the learning style and schedule of the programme is very flexible, which allows me to maintain my work commitments as Director of AwenID.”