Hamza Mudassir

Hamza’s MBA learning journey

Cambridge Venture Project client: Cambridge
Global Consulting Project client: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Concentration: Strategy & Marketing

Why the Cambridge MBA?

Well, firstly it was the chance to study in one of the world’s best business schools with a high international class. Secondly, it was the University of Cambridge reputation. Thirdly, the Business School is strongly positioned to provide a significant advantage to people who are seeking careers in tech given its programme and elective design, its close relationship with the Cambridge science park as well as its placement rates in top technology firms and startups.

How was your Global Consulting Project experience?

It was incredible. I got to work with the best minds in the video games industry and work on a high-impact project around on-the-move gaming with Sony. Further, working closely with my four team members from the Cambridge MBA proved to be a great bonding and intra-group learning opportunity. The GCP was a very positive experience that helped scratch an itch for me to work in one of my favourite industries in the world.

What inspired your career direction?

If I take a step back, the Cambridge MBA created a deep impact in the way my career has evolved in the past six or so years. The programme gave me not just the skills but also the legitimacy to branch out confidently in to the technology sector thanks to its hands-on consulting and coaching projects.

Post-MBA, the Business School directly helped me land a Pan-European product and marketing management role in Amazon and my eventual senior-level placement in one of the top video game companies in Europe, called Jagex. To date, I am still in contact with the various professors from the Business School from whom I learnt first-hand about the changing world of technology and strategy via impromptu conversations over email as well as the corridors of the School (whenever I can visit!). This connection has proven to be invaluable over the years and helped me take the next step of my career with Adstream.

Your plans for the next five years?

To keep them as interesting and rewarding as the past five!

The Cambridge MBA in three words…

Best. Year. Ever.

Any advice to incoming students?

While it is okay to stress a bit about your next exam or your next interview round during the Cambridge MBA, always remember to take a step back and enjoy the overall experience of this wonderful one year. It is probably the only year of its kind you will have in your one, wild, wonderful life!




IoBM, Pakistan

Pre-MBA role

Head of Next Generation Services, Mobilink

Current role

Chief Product Officer, Adstream


United Kingdom