Annual forums | 管理年会

CCCM as a global leader in research in Chinese management, organises top quality academic forums regularly to bring in top-level academic, industrial talent and policy makers around the world to jointly set the research agenda and examine various important research questions. CCCM also uses these forums as the platform to disseminate knowledge, influence policy making and build its brand and reputation. The Centre plans to organise the following two forums a year centred around the most prominent issues related to Chinese management:

CCCM Annual forums, China.

Forum on Chinese Management Research and Practice

An annual conference held in China.

CCCM Annual forums, Cambridge.

Global Summit on China Management Research and Practice

An annual conference held in Cambridge, UK.

The Annual Forum in China invites top scholars in the field of Chinese management all over the world, as well as senior executives from leading Chinese enterprises to discuss and explore the most promising research issues related to Chinese management. The Global Summit is open to scholars and business executives all over the world to discuss the theoretical and practical implications of the rise of Chinese firms and their impact on global business. Its primary aim is to stimulate theory-building efforts that have the potential to enrich or reshape the existing mainstream management theories. 


CCCM Annual forums, China.



CCCM Annual forums, Cambridge.