Research themes

EPRG’s core discipline is economics, but our approach goes beyond traditional boundaries, fostering a collaborative environment that draws upon insights from diverse academic disciplines. From business and policy to engineering, political science, law and behavioural science, EPRG brings together experts from various fields to tackle complex energy and environmental policy challenges. Our success depends on our ability to attract and retain world-class researchers from all these areas, ensuring that we provide the most comprehensive and informed perspectives on these critical issues.

Regulation and markets

Developing market instruments and a strong regulatory framework are essential in order to ensure that energy is delivered reliably and at least cost.

Technology and innovation

The solutions for many energy and environmental challenges are dependent upon long-term technical progress and innovation in the energy sector.

Governance and politics

Energy policy and regulation are shaped by the differing and often competing objectives and concerns of various stakeholders. Our research evaluates how key stakeholders perceive energy security and energy technologies.

Climate change policy

We analyse policy options, their past performance and potential future impacts using analytic and numeric models, empirical evidence and broader stakeholder and literature surveys.