Press coverage about members of the EPRG

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“How do we build back better after a crisis?”
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“Our planet, our choice.”
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“Fighting climate change will help economic growth, study finds.”
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“Warming will cost rich and poor countries alike: limiting global temperature rise will substantially reduce the economic toll of climate change.”
Scientific American, November 2019

“Climate change to shrink economies of rich, poor, hot and cold countries alike unless Paris Agreement holds.”
University of Cambridge, August 2019

“Reneging on the nuclear deal will isolate America, empower China, and distance Europe.”
Albawaba News, February 2018

“This is ‘winning’? Ending the Iran Deal is alienating European allies and strengthening the yuan.”
Albawaba News, May 2018

“Hard exit from EU emissions trading could damage global climate action, experts warn.”
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“US anti-Russia sanctions may have negative impact on European energy security.”
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“Nuclear futures.”
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“Smart energy could save £8bn a year, say advisers.”
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“How’s European gas race going?”
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“Never ending story of opportunities: Caspian blue energy is salvation for EU.”
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“What can be done to prevent floods?” (from 05:36 mins)
BBC: World Business Report, December 2015

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“Nord Stream 2 expansion to face political hurdles.”
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