Bi-weekly Energy and Environment (E&E) seminars


The EPRG Energy and Environment (E&E) Seminar Series is a bi-weekly presentation relating to economic, social, and technological issues within the energy academic and industrial sectors. Our bi-weekly Energy and Environment Seminars give our research team the opportunity for constructive feedback on their current work and promote multidisciplinary dialogue on issues of relevance to our research programme. We also welcome visitors from other universities, industries, regulatory agencies, and the government.

Please note that we do not have all the presentations because some of our speakers are still in the process of research and do not wish us to publish their work in progress. In case you like a presentation, contact the presenter directly.

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The EPRG E&E seminars are in person every second Tuesday during University term time from 12:00-12:30 with a sandwich lunch at Cambridge Judge Business School and from 12:30-13:30 for the seminar.  If you would like to attend these lectures, please email [email protected] for more information.

Upcoming Energy and Environment seminars

An Energy Policy Research Group seminar with Dr Saheed Bello, EPRG.