Opinion from the Wo+Men’s Leadership Centre

Gender and the US military

Joshua Stewart, Lieutenant Colonel (US Army) & Master of Studies in Social Innovation student, says some positive steps have been made to improve gender equality in the American military, but some simple further steps could achieve much more.

Some mostly good news on gender equality

Dr Simon Taylor, Senior Faculty in Management Practice, says Women’s access to health, education, economic opportunity and political power have been improving but the picture is very uneven geographically.

Women in business and women in politics have much to learn from each other

Boni Sones OBE, Policy Associate at the Centre for Business Research and Executive Producer, ParliamentaryRadio.com, says Women in business and politics have much to learn from each other – including how to storm the smoking room and break down clubby cultures.

Four crazy things you won’t believe about organising the TEDxOxbridge conference

Jessica Toh, former MBA student, discussed how attracting women for events is not just an issue of curatorial focus as part of her blog post reflecting on the TEDxOxbridge conference.

No problem here…

Dr Neil Stott, Director of the Master of Studies in Social Innovation Programme and Executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation discusses the dangers of gender stereotypes in leadership.

Catalysts for change

Kate Nation, Director, Turtle Dove Cambridge, insists working with young women, in any society, is of paramount importance and key to impacting on wider issues such as economic development.