2018 EPRG annual conference (Berlin)

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2 Jul 2018

12:00 -21:00

3 Jul 2018

08:00 -17:30

By invitation only

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CEEPR and EPRG European Energy Policy Conference

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EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2018 CEEPR/EPRG Annual Conference on “Transforming the Energy Sector: Solutions on the Way to 2050”, with support from EnBW. The Conference took place in Kalkscheune, in Berlin, Germany, on 2-3 July 2018 and comprised a day-and-a-half of sessions and dinner.

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Session 1: Our world in 2050: what does the future look like?

Chaired by Michael Pollitt (EPRG)

Session 2: Politics and policies for a successful energy transition

Chaired by Michael Mehling (MIT)

Session 1: Perspectives for fossil fuels and sector coupling in electricity markets

Chaired by Clemens Cremer (EnBW)

Session 2: Power grids: enabler or bottleneck of energy transition?

Chaired by Joshua Hodge (MIT)

Session 3: Decarbonising transport: barriers and opportunities

Chaired by David Reiner (EPRG)

Session 4: Roundtable: Disruption and innovation in the power sector

Chaired by Uli Huener (EnBW)

  • Jörg Jasper (EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG)
  • David Newbery (EPRG)
  • Francis O’Sullivan (MIT)
  • Tobias Paulun (EEX)