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Building Customer-Centric Organisations

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In order to succeed in business, it’s very important that businesses are able to engage with customers, that they can acquire customers, they can retain customers and build long-term relationships with them. And that’s where marketing comes in. Marketing is the part of the business that engages with customers in this way.

Building customer-centric organisation is vital because without an organisational structure, a firm cannot execute an effective customer-centric strategy. So the customer-centric organisation covers the following topics, how do you develop consumer insights? How do you develop consumer empathy? How do you develop a customer-centric organisational structure that enable you to focus on customer need consistently over time?

What makes Cambridge different? In terms of research, all the academics who deliver these programmes are experts in that particular domain. But we also value teaching. And third, engagement. We’d work closely with companies to solve problems of relevance to them.

We are situated in a beautiful city with 800 years of University, its heritage, its reputation, and the beautiful Colleges. I’m pretty sure your learning experience here would be a very fruitful and fulfilling one.


To be truly customer-centric and market-driven, an organisation should be able to sense and respond to the changing needs of customers.

This is at the core of Building Customer-Centric Organisations. Customer focus must extend to the entire organisation across its major functions to be successful.

By the end of the programme, you will understand how to obtain customer insights through customer analysis, in order to create a superior value proposition.

Through knowledge sharing and action-based learning you will gain a new understanding of how to build a customer-centric organisation.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge Judge Business School offers a distinctive approach born out of the University of Cambridge way. 

  • Drawing on cutting-edge academic research, as you would expect from a business school with 19 research centres
  • The University of Cambridge has always emphasised smaller class sizes for maximum interaction and focused effort between world-class faculty and top quality participants. Cambridge Judge is no exception. We have class sizes of no more than 25. This makes your experience here one of unrivalled quality, relevance and impact. 


  • Developing frameworks to become and remain customer-centric
  • Understanding how firms maintain or lose their customer focus
  • Deriving insights from consumer behaviour to create effective value propositions
  • Developing customer empathy
  • Avoiding pain points for customers
  • Managing customer relationships and customer lifetime value
  • Understanding organisational design for strategic alignment
  • Recognising the specific issues for customer-centric B2B organisations.


  • Acquire a disciplined approach to the market analysis that will expand your marketing decision making skills
  • Understand how to align the organisation with customer strategy, using a multi-functional approach
  • Learn to use quantitative tools for measuring customer preferences, customer relationship management, customer lifetime value, customer feedback, service and operations, and performance.
Icon: Executive Education Certificates of Achievement.

This programme counts towards the Cambridge Judge Business School General Management Certificate of Achievement. On completing the GMCA you will be eligible to become an associate member of Cambridge Judge Business School’s global network of graduates and business-focused University of Cambridge alumni, faculty and staff.

Who should attend

Senior executives, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs wanting to enhance their knowledge of customer focused leadership and the impact of customer insights on decision making and strategy.

Academic Programme Director

Ahmed Khwaja

Professor of Marketing, Business & Public Enterprise

PhD (University of Minnesota)

Faculty & speakers

Dominique Lauga

University Senior Lecturer in Marketing

PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dates & fees



Fees *

Dates tbc

2 days

£2,500 + VAT

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate, which is currently 20%; e.g. £2,500 + 20% = £3,000.

* Fees include instruction, materials, lunch and breaks. Preferential rates may be available for groups, University of Cambridge alumni and members of the School’s Alumni Association. Please note prices pre-registration are subject to change.

For information regarding payment terms, cancellation rights, transfer policies and fees, please see our terms & conditions documents:

Terms & Conditions for Self-funded Applicants (pdf, 277KB) (updated 4 September 2019)
Terms & Conditions for Organisation-funded Applicants (pdf, 295KB) (updated 4 September 2019)

Registration closes at midday two working days before the programme start date.

Participants are expected to attend the full programme.

Please ensure that you have read our Frequently Asked Questions, which provide important additional information about our face-to-face and Live Online programmes, in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about this programme and how it could benefit you or your organisation, please get in touch with the programme advisor:

Claire Wright

Business Development Director
Open Programmes
Tel: +44 (0)1223 330741
Mob: +44 (0)7548 708067

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2 days


Dates tbc

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